LRN Lookup

Get the most accurate, streamlined routing for your calls with our simple LRN lookup solution.

Superior LRN Lookup for Your Calls

With Commio’s cloud-based platform, you’ll enjoy the most accurate routing for your calls with our Local Routing Number (LRN) lookup solution. Only pay the correct rate based on the true location of the phone number, whether it’s ported or not. Commio’s LRN lookup solution ensures your calls are routed through the correct operator and the least cost route while simultaneously avoiding dropped calls.

Roughly 35% of the active telephone numbers in North America have been ported. Make sure you are getting the most accurate routing for your calls with Commio’s simple LRN lookup solution.

  • You’ll always pay the correct rate based on the true location of the number, whether the number is ported or not. Use SIP or REST API to send us a NANPA number, and we will give you the corresponding LRN to route the call.
  •  Our LRN lookup tool lets you view all available geographic information on the number, including state, residential code, and company name.
  •  This cost-effective solution helps you reduce expenses with streamlined routing.

    Get the Most Accurate Routing With LRN Lookup

    With Commio’s LRN lookup, you’ll always complete calls to the correct operator, avoid dropped calls, and decrease your per-minute cost. You’ll no longer need the public telephone number to identify the local exchange carrier that is the least cost route for any given call.

    How LRN Lookup Works

    You’ll always route your inbound and outbound calling in a cost-effective way with LRN lookup, in real-time. Here’s how it works:

    • A customer places a call at noon, and the call is sent over the carrier using least cost routing to find the cheapest route in that moment.
    • In the evening, the same customer places a call to the same recipient. With LRN lookup, that call is automatically routed to a different carrier that in the evening has become the least cost route.
    • With LRN lookup, any number dialed will automatically be queried by Commio’s database and routed appropriately at the lowest cost.

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