thinQ Launches New Origination Interface & Adds Fifth Carrier to Toll-Free Least Cost Routing (LCR) Platform

Michael Tindall

thinQ’s new origination UI greatly enhances user experience, and the addition of a fifth Toll-Free LCR carrier further reduces inbound toll-free rates while improving performance.

July 11, 2017, RALEIGH: thinQ, a CPaaS pioneer, has released a more powerful and intuitive user interface for their voice origination technology. In addition, thinQ has added a fifth carrier within their revolutionary Toll-Free Least Cost Routing (LCR) platform.

User interface improvements were designed and implemented based on feedback from both customers and analysts, and have been very well received by those in beta testing. These updates include an improved visual interface with fully-customizable color schemes, additional fonts, and enhanced graphical reporting to enable customers to better track usage. It is also fully-responsive, with support for both mobile phones and tablets.

“Our new user interface greatly improves the user experience with better visuals and reporting,” thinQ President Michael Tindall said. “It also allows us to reduce the time-to-market for new functionalities and releases, which will help to streamline future platform updates.”

“thinQ’s new user interface greatly improves the user experience with enhanced visuals and reporting, and will streamline future platform updates.”

thinQ Adds Fifth Carrier to Toll-Free LCR Platform

thinQ rewrote the book on toll-free with the introduction of Toll-Free Least Cost Routing. With thinQ’s TF LCR platform, customers can select multiple carriers for Toll-Free calls based on calling area, call quality, etc. and always receive the best pricing. The addition of a fifth Toll-Free Free LCR carrier will serve to not only help to reduce thinQ’s inbound toll-free rates even further, but it will also provide additional redundancy in the event of a carrier outage.

“The addition of a fifth inbound Toll-Free LCR carrier provides more options for our customers, which translates to increased savings and more protection against individual carrier issues. This will serve to enhance our already powerful LCR technology,” said thinQ CEO Aaron Leon.

Whether you are a carrier or a large call center, thinQ clients can expect better call completion, increased operational control, and cost savings. To find out more about thinQ’s new origination UI or Toll-Free LCR, contact thinQ sales at (877) 506-0747 or schedule a live demo today.

About thinQ (now Commio)

Founded in 2009, thinQ offers complete control over every aspect of a business’ inbound and outbound voice traffic with their powerful Least Cost Routing Routing (LCR) Technology. With the industry’s first and only Toll-Free LCR—thinQ enables companies to take advantage of optimized toll-free calling rates across multiple providers with disaster recovery, load balancing, and call analytics baked right into the software. A revolutionary CNAM API makes it possible to integrate Caller ID Name into any application as well. Simply put, thinQ provides a better way to communicate. To learn more, visit

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Date posted: July 11, 2017

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