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Order numbers, port, and control your lines for better quality voice, streamlined communications, at great prices.

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No matter your specific business needs, the simple phone number (DID) is the key to unlocking the communication potential of your inbound voice services. With Commio DID origination, you can order one or millions of numbers through our API or user-friendly Commio platform. We make it easy to port your existing or provision new local and toll-free numbers quickly.

At Commio, our DID origination services will not only enhance your communication potential through a customized local voice solution, but will also ensure you get the best performance at the best price across the United States, Canada, and beyond.

With DID origination, our customers reap the benefits of bulk port numbers, customized DIDs, instant new number activation, port-out validation to prevent fraud, detailed call records, and more.

Order Numbers

Easily search availability for new numbers and select single or grouped numbers in sequential order. One or thousands of phone numbers can be purchased by an enterprise or contact center that allows for calling through their PBX or cloud-based VoIP system. The use of DIDs means that businesses can provide workstations with individual phone numbers. This allows for better communication not just between customers or agents but also between employees within your organization, ensuring overall satisfaction.

What’s more, by distributing different phone numbers across various phone trunks and SIP connections, businesses can make sure that they’re meeting their call demands and are routing those calls efficiently. The use of DID origination helps benefit businesses in numerous ways that include increased productivity, cost savings, and the use of local, toll-free, and international numbers, increasing the local presence of their business.

Port Numbers

Check portability, bulk upload, or get integrated with assistance from our customer success team. While high call volumes can often impact wait times and quality of the call, DID origination can help eliminate those concerns and ensure you’re meeting growing demands. Using Commio’s solution, employees can be sure they’re reaching their customers quickly and efficiently with simultaneous calls over various phone lines.

Provision Numbers

Assign custom routing parameters along with multiple dynamic failovers. The use of DIDs will help enhance follow-up management with customers, and by giving every employee an individual phone number, customers can be confident they’ll be communicating with the same person every time – if need be. This will not only help grow customer relationships but will give callers the feeling that they’re more than just another name in the system. You gain maximum flexibility in your phone setup and enhances customer relationships.

Enhance your communication potential

Your phone number functionality gets a boost with
powerful voice and messaging features

Text Messaging

Enable text and multimedia messaging
functionality on new or ported local
and toll-free DIDs.

Caller ID (CNAM)

Integrate CNAM IN or OUT to access or
publish a name to the Caller ID database.

Location Routing Number (LRN)

Get accurate routing for your calls with
a simple LRN solution.


Attach E911 address information to any
number to enable emergency location

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With Commio’s phone number origination services, you’ll benefit from cost savings, high-quality calls, and more. Discover a better way to purchase DIDs today.