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Generate donations for your nonprofit with Commio

Trust Commio to help you gather support for your cause and gather record-breaking donations for your campaigns. Our Messaging API platform makes it easy to send millions of messages to reach your audience instantly. 

Let’s start send more messages via every major messaging gateway using long code (10DLC), short code, or toll-free today.

More than 1,500 logos trust Commio to power SMS/MMS results.


Flexible text messaging APIs made easy

Send any SMS/MMS campaign effortlessly with theMessaging API platform by Commio. From short to long code to toll-free messaging, we handle everything from brand and campaign registration to message transmission and everything in between.

Send millions of messages through major gateways to get your content delivered, faster. Plus, you can rely on our messaging delivery notifications and diagnostic tools to help you keep critical communications flowing.

Looking for a place to get started? Our Messaging API Documentation gives you the code you need to make implementation into your tech stack easy and painless. 


From one-size-fits-all to tailored

Our messaging experts are here to turn your vision into reality. Forget cookie-cutter messaging platforms or APIs, your use case is unique.

We’ll size up your solution then work with you one-on-one to bring it to life. Because one-size-fits-all works for T-shirts, not mission-critical messaging.

Custom Text Messaging Solutions from Commio
Send SMS MMS at Scale with teli Messaging API Platform by Commio


Text or image messages: we do both

Our SMS/MMS APIs give you the power to embed programmable messaging into any campaign.

With enterprise scale built-in, we can help you send more messages, faster. MMS adds multimedia to the mix, so you can send videos, audio, images, emojis, and even animated GIFs.


Scale your sends with toll-free numbers

High-volume messaging is a reality when you combine toll-free phone numbers to deliver more SMS, faster, to a wider target audience.

Add delivery data (DLRs) and insights not available in other formats, and it’s no wonder Toll-Free SMS has become one of our most popular products.

Toll Free SMS MMS from Commio Scale Your Campaign Reach More Customers
10DLC A2P Local Number Text Campaigns Made Easy With Commio


Reach millions with local 10-digit numbers

Better known as 10DLC or long codes, yesterday’s local 10-digit phone numbers are today’s application-to-person (A2P) messaging powerhouses.

Send millions of messages to local numbers to power local customer experiences with faster delivery.

Our U.S.-based experts will help you jump through the hoops to register your brands and campaigns and keep your critical messages flowing.


High-volume messages, meet short codes

Smaller is better. A mere five or six-digit number is all it takes to send high-volume messages with maximum throughput to better communicate with customers.

Work with our messaging experts to buy or migrate your short codes, test your integrations, and review your brands and campaigns to be sure your short codes work perfectly.

Start sending alerts and notifications, SMS marketing campaigns, Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) messages, and more.

Bring Your Shortcode to Commio

“Commio’s text messaging capability is easy to use and implement into our existing workflows. Very happy with results.”

Jeff Miner
Pinpoint Communications