Intelligent Call Routing

Control every aspect of your call routing in a simple, cloud-based
platform that leverages the power and performance of 40 top voice carriers.

Smart Routing for Your Outbound Calls

Instant access & control over the top voice carriers

Deliver high-quality domestic, toll-free, and international calls

Intelligently route calls based on which carriers you choose and save money

Dynamic failover to mitigate outages

Granular call data & analytics at your fingertips

Live support

We’ve Redefined Call Routing

Traditional call routing methods are inefficient and costly. That is why we developed intelligent call routing more than a decade ago—an innovative, cloud-based technology that combines power and performance of every major voice carrier in a single intelligent call routing platform.

With a simple SIP connection, you can assure that every call gets through. Enjoy higher-quality domestic, toll-free, and international voice performance, complete routing control, greater transparency, and automated cost-savings in a platform that redefines how businesses can route their calls.

How Intelligent Call Routing Works

Step 1 – Customize

Our platform is designed to fit any business’ call termination needs. Select your preferred carriers, routing parameters, call limits, dynamic failovers etc. and you are ready to start pointing traffic our way.

Step 2 – Route

Once you have customized your settings, simply point your traffic to Commio and we do the rest.

Our technology was purpose-built to give you the peace of mind that your traffic is being handled correctly and per your specifications.

Step 3 – Analyze

Real-time call detail record (CDR) monitoring and SIP tracing tools allow you to easily review and improve your calling performance within the platform. The time consuming, back and forth game of swapping traces and examples with carriers is over.