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  • Gain actionable insights and practical strategies to enhance your voice service resilience.
  • Learn how technology can simplify disaster recovery planning and execution.
  • Discover how Commio's solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure for improved redundancy and reliability on mission-critical services.

If your company’s bottom line depends on making and receiving calls, chances are you know down to the penny what a day or even a minute of telecom downtime would cost you. If you’re involved in managing or supporting telecommunications, the fear of an outage probably keeps you up at night.

The use of multiple carriers (i.e., redundancy) and auto-failover helps ensure your calls get delivered, but there’s a big difference between the various carriers and also the various providers; what to look for? And, your incoming calls are often just as important as your outbound dials, yet few providers offer inbound redundancy; is it even possible? Help!

Join Commio VP Eric Leon as he discusses six critical topics to explore if you need to protect your inbound and outbound call streams, including:

  • The Current Landscape: Understanding the challenges and importance of disaster recovery in voice communications.
  • Outbound Voice Strategies: Real-time failover benefits, misconceptions on least-cost routing, and the pros of vendor diversification.
  • Inbound Voice Solutions: Overcoming the single point of failure misconception and selecting premium providers for unmatched reliability.
  • Commio's Innovative Approach: A glimpse into our intelligent call routing and direct connections that enhance service continuity and quality.
  • Special Focus on Toll-Free Numbers: What is a RESPORG, and the specific disaster recovery considerations for toll-free services.
  • Technology's Role in Redundancy: How automated solutions can significantly reduce operational burdens and improve response times.

The time to worry about disaster recovery is before there’s a disaster. Register now to protect your phone calls, your revenue, and your brand. Busy that day? Register anyway; we’ll send the video!

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Eric Leon

Vice President of Sales, Commio

Tim McLain

Marketing Director, Commio
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