Bring your own carriers to Plivo

Enhance Plivo in seconds with our powerful, cloud-based inbound and outbound call technology that seamlessly integrates with your voice API—with little or no dev lift.

Outbound Voice

By making a simple change in your already-existing code that’s set up to make a phone call, Plivo will re-route your call as a SIP call to thinQ to let us handle your call for you and save you money in the process.

By changing the formatting of the [TO] number (the number you are trying to reach with your outbound call) to be a SIP call instead, and adding in the proper SIP headers, Plivo will re-route the call as a SIP call to thinQ to let us handle your call and save you money in the process. To get started sign up for test account with Plivo enabled, then go into your existing code. Here’s an example of what would need to be changed in your current environment:

TO Number:
“19191231234” -> “”;sip_headers:“thinQid=12345, thinQtoken=678901234567890”

“thinQid=12345, thinQtoken=678901234567890”

Before adding Commio:

Before Adding Commio to Plivo BYOC 

After adding Commio:

After Adding Commio to Plivo BYOC 

The thinQid and Commio token parameters need to be sent with the call for authentication purposes. You can get the values of these parameters by logging into your thinQ io account.  

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