For this month’s Wise Guys webinar, we’ve brought in Katie Reddick, Commio’s Director of Customer Success, to answer all the questions that drive you and other users crazy.

Because if you’re like most people involved with their company’s telecommunications, your main concern is clear, crisp calls that don’t drop when your customers are on the line, and the ability to send text messages that are delivered in a timely manner. Of course no one wants a major outage or exorbitant bills, but the vast majority of issues involve day-to-day activities. Like:

  • Why is it so hard to buy and activate new numbers?It seems like port-ins and port-outs are always problematic; what am I doing wrong, and what information is required?
  • How can I be sure my E911 call will provide the correct location, before we have an actual emergency?
  • Is there a better way to manage my costs – where can I find the rates, and how can I monitor charges on a daily basis?
  • When I have an issue, I hate submitting a ticket and then waiting to hear back; is there anything I can do?
  • When we make calls, why is our CallerID always wrong?!

What do you really want to know about your cloud communications? Register now, and don’t be shy! Ask Katie about your most perplexing scenario, or email it to us ahead of time. If Katie doesn’t have the answer, she’ll hunt it down for you.

Busy February 7? No worries! Register anyway and we’ll send you the recording. 

Join us each month to ask the “wise guy” – a seasoned telecom expert with deep experience in particular aspects of the field. No agenda, no sales pitch, just you, the expert, and your questions answered.



Katie Reddick

Director, Customer Success, Commio

Tim McLain

Marketing Director, Commio
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