(And What That Means for You!)

At Commio, we admit it: we have a real thing for numbers. The phone numbers everyone can see as consumers and businesses have evolved over the years, but the part you can’t see is even more complex. What’s a “NANPA” and what does it even mean for SaaS platforms, contact centers, and communication providers? How are numbers sourced, and how does that vary from one provider to the next? How does that alter the cost, control, and deliverability? Most importantly, how does any of it affect you?

Nowadays, companies—particularly SaaS platforms—can “own” a wide range of numbers and types, sometimes controlling tens of thousands of them. Although you might not think too much about where your numbers come from and why, it can have a direct impact on how quickly you can get them, the selection, what you pay, and which provider is ideal for routing different types of communications over them.

Join us for this webinar on demand with Commio Chief Strategist Sam Shiffman; VP of Carrier Relations Mark Speer; and Numbering & Regulatory Administrator Meghan Reynolds, who have all been knee-deep in numbers for years, as they explain the history and why you should care.

First in a four-part series (dates TBD):
Part 2: “Phone” Numbers: The Types, Use Cases, and Sourcing
Part 3: Why Toll-Free Numbers are Special—And Awesome
Part 4: Fraud Alert! Wait—They’re Using MY Phone Number?!



Sam Shiffman, Commio

Sam Shiffman

Chief Strategist at Commio
Mark Speer, Commio

Mark Speer

VP of Carrier Relations at Commio
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