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Elevating the Quality—While Lowering the Cost—of Customer Communications

How Call Routing Solutions Work

In the world of cloud voice (VoIP), the caliber of service delivery remains paramount, which for many companies is primarily about call delivery and a lack of outages. Second on the list of wants is typically cost, with “least cost routing”—or LCR—the most common option, and which most people assume will mean “lower cost = imperfect audio.” 

However, cost should never preclude quality!

At Commio, our commitment to delivering seamless communication experiences propels us to continuously refine and enhance our call routing systems. The essence of delivering calls based on unrivaled quality has been our guiding beacon, enabling us to surpass the conventional norms and answer the perennial question from customers and prospects: “How does Commio maintain such high quality in routing calls, while lowering costs by 50% or more?”

The Genesis: Quality-Centric Carrier Selection

The journey starts with a meticulous selection of carriers—46 at last count—rigorously tested for facilitating high-quality conversational traffic. This is a dynamic and perpetual endeavor, grounded in rigorous performance metrics evaluations and quantified in tickets per million calls. Routes experiencing frequent challenges are strategically eliminated, paving the way for optimal on-net footprints to grant multi-layered coverage to any destination you might need.

Unfailing Redundancy: The Multi-route Strategy

Commio maintains a plethora of quality routes to ensure connectivity to the desired endpoint. This methodology optimizes redundancy and reliability wherever you wish to call, as part of our ongoing pursuit of operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

Revolutionizing Pricing with Intelligent Call Routing (ICR)

Unlike conventional LCR, which calculates cost without factoring in quality, Commio harnesses the synergy of high-quality routing with innovative technology to deliver Intelligent Call Routing—or ICR—with every dial. The genesis of “on-net pricing” takes advantage of our focus on carriers that are directly linked to destinations, eliminating intermediary call hops. This aligns direct routes with premium quality and cost-effectiveness, minimizing the risk of quality degradation due to intermediaries.  

Commio’s revolutionary approach to routing enables a cost-effective and high-quality connection to more than 40 carriers, ensuring you receive optimum service.

Tailoring Networks: Customer-Specific Customization

Contrary to the traditional ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions on the market, Commio’s carrier network is designed to be versatile and customizable, adapting seamlessly to individual customer requirements. The adaptability of the system gives you the ability to select preferred carriers, set specific failover rules, and enjoy a wide range of additional customizable features.

Commio Intelligent Call Routing

This customization is not merely a static feature but rather evolves with the changing needs and scaling requirements of our clientele, offering an unprecedented level of flexibility and control.

Innovative Troubleshooting: Real-Time Route Blocking

Another innovative Commio feature is the route-blocking capability, empowering users to selectively omit specific paths without needing to remove entire carriers from routing options. This is instrumental for swift troubleshooting, allowing for the immediate isolation and resolution of any issues encountered on a specific route, while maintaining the integrity of other routes from the same carrier.

This responsive troubleshooting process, combined with Commio’s advanced toolset, allows challenges to be addressed in real time, ensuring the persistent delivery of top-tier service quality.

Enhanced Agility: Real-time Resolution

While the industry norm for resolving issues hovers around 24 hours, Commio offers exceptional 24×7, U.S.-based support by phone and email. Our innovative solutions enable customers to frequently resolve their own challenges in under 5 minutes, resulting in responsive and efficient problem resolution without the need to open a support ticket or picking up the phone. But our experts are there when you need us! 

Conclusion: Setting the Benchmark in Call Routing Excellence

Commio is unique in the telecommunications sector for its pursuit of excellence and innovation in call routing technology. Our commitment to quality, customization, reliability, and swift problem resolution provides customers with unparalleled communication experiences. The integration of these advanced, intelligent calling features has culminated in redefining the standards of cost-efficient, quality-based voice routing, offering customers a sophisticated and seamless journey.

Date posted: October 24, 2023

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