Airline Takes to the Cloud for Smart Toll-Free

Tim McLain

“No other toll-free solution offers RespOrg-like flexibility and access to all 5 carriers in the cloud. With Commio we have full control of our communications and the most robust disaster mitigation available. We love it.”
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Every day in the U.S. more than 44,000 flights take 2.7 million passengers to their destinations. Airlines have built their business on serving customers through high- quality toll-free contact centers. When a customer needs to change a flight or ask a question, 3 out of 5 choose to place a toll-free call to get assistance. (FAA)

When the nation’s #3 airline started their yearly negotiations with their toll-free carrier, they started looking at alternatives. After experiencing an outage that exposed a lack of routing control tools to self-manage call quality issues, they researched top-rated modern cloud solutions to fill these gaps to better serve customers.


  • Incumbent toll-free carrier lacked routing control and flexibility
  • No tools to solve common call quality issues & prevent outages
  • Inability to route calls across multiple carriers at the best possible price & quality
  • Slow to respond to support issues


  • Integrate Commio’s Smart Toll-Free
  • Route calls across all 5 top carriers in the cloud with full control & disaster recovery
  • Purchase, port-in, and provision toll-free numbers quickly and painlessly
  • Power text messaging (SMS/MMS) alerts & 2FA


  • Improved toll-free call quality
  • Self-manage disaster recovery to improve up-time
  • Live support team available via Slack, phone, email

Goal: Gain Control of Toll-Free Operations to Better Serve Flyers

The most critical need was unlocking multiple toll-free carriers to handle their expanding call volumes. That’s when they found Commio’s Toll-Free Least Cost Routing engine. It gives their carrier operations team total control over all 5 high- quality toll-free carriers, unlocking a fully-redundant solution to mitigate outages.

Toll-Free Savings Calculator

Solution: Commio Helps You Move Beyond a Single Point of Failure

“With Commio, I know all 5 of the top toll-free providers are bidding for our traffic in the cloud. The quality of our calls has improved, and we now have full control of our routing and disaster recovery when issues occur. Our customers love getting our text messages. Your APIs are simple, powerful, and robust. I know our entire team sleeps better at night knowing we have the tools and carriers we need to better serve our customers.”

Commio allows the airline to act as their own RespOrg, making it easy to purchase new toll-free numbers to make their life easier with simultaneous activation across all 5 toll-free carriers. Porting in and managing their existing numbers was simple as well, powered by our platform and APIs. The entire DID purchase, port-in, and provisioning process was painless, with automated alerts along the way.

Commio made it easy to set up follow the sun rules to move call volumes between a pair of physical contact centers. At specific times callers were routed from one location to the other, seamlessly transitioning communications in the cloud.

In addition to gaining full control over their toll-free operations, the airline also integrated Commio’s text messaging solution into their website and mobile applications. Our robust API makes it easy to send two-factor authentication (2FA) messages to customers to confirm flight changes and update login credentials. In addition, flight delay or cancellation notifications and alerts, special offers, and more are sent by Commio.

The carrier team is now able to pull detailed reporting and SIP ladders to research call quality and SMS delivery issues. What used to take days now takes minutes to identify trouble spots, turn carriers on and off, and more.

With direct access to Commio’s network operations specialists via Slack, email, and phone, the airline’s setup, configuration, testing, and launch took several days instead of weeks. When questions or needs arise, the Commio team responds instantly to ensure that calls and texts are being handled effectively at scale, day in and day out.

Airline Case Study


Date posted: March 24, 2022

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