Soft Switch Developer Delivers High-Quality Voice & Saves Money with thinQ Voice

Tim McLain

“We switched because we wanted control. Commio covers all our priorities: number one is call quality, number two is call completion, and number three is lower cost per minute.”
Dusty Wade
Senior Network Engineer, IPiFony Systems Inc.

IPiFony provides an end-to-end communications solution for regional ISPs and carriers. The IPiFony team helps with every aspect: guidance on hardware selection, network grooming, training, and more. Their expertise coupled with quality, low-cost telecom service providers like Commio enables them to offer competitive, customized telephony services for businesses of any size.


  • IPiFony had issues with call completion, service outages, voice quality, and high costs, prompting them to seek a better solution
  • Cut high cost of telephony infrastructure and voice minutes to save on their cost of goods sold (COGS) and increase profitability
  • Improve the quality and capabilities of their VoIP switch to deliver maximum up-time, plus get the tools they needed to take control


  • Integrate thinQ as the company’s outbound voice provider
  • Offer multi-carrier solution with higher-quality calling
  • Get the tools and fraud mitigation settings they needed to take control, offer customized voice solutions, and save money every month


  • Scale to serve a growing roster of switch partners
  • Deliver higher-quality calls at lower costs per minute
  • Dynamic failover to deliver 99.99% up-time
  • Commio support team helps research call quality issues in minutes
  • Tools to research and solve call quality issues instantly

Goal: Power High-Quality, Multi-Carrier Soft Switch

“Your routing models are great because we can use the carrier who’s going to have the lowest price per minute.”

Dusty Wade has been involved in the communications and IT industries for more than 15 years. As Senior Network Engineer at IPiFony Systems, Dusty relies on Commio to power his soft switch platform, delivering customized outbound calling services for a growing roster of end-users.

“A big part of our service mix has always been thinQ for a lot of different reasons. The big ones are the ability to choose from your 40 carriers. We use them in every routing setup, and then being able to develop least cost routing profiles using specific carriers with specific users is key.”

IPiFony’s customers trust Dusty and his team to effectively route, deliver, and save on every call. After experiencing service outages and call delivery issues, the company turned to Commio. With full control over routing setup and carrier selection, plus call research tools and fraud mitigation built-in, thinQ is an essential partner.

“We rely on your account protections that help protect us from fraud. We can set a maximum per-minute spend rate, a weekly spend rate, and a monthly spend rate for each individual profile. You really can protect yourself from doing severe damage. Because unfortunately, in our industry, those types of fraud are going to happen.”

“Your least cost routing technology has been extremely valuable to us because we have to keep your costs down, and everything comes down to nickels and dimes… You cover all three of our priorities: number one is call quality, number two is call completion, and number three is a lower cost per minute.”

Solution: Add thinQ as Bring Your Own Carrier Solution

“We love having control over 40 voice carriers. Your routing models are great because we can use the carrier who’s going to have the lowest price per minute. But sometimes, we don’t want to use that particular carrier for certain types of calls, and we can still rely on your technology to automatically get us the lowest rate possible.”

Dusty explained that, getting started with Commio was fast and easy, using either the thinQ io platform or our flexible APIs. With support there when you need it, making the installation painless.

“The support team’s always been the best among who we work with. They’re always knowledgeable, always very
easy to work with. We regularly set up new profiles, set up the trunks, and do call diagnostics.”

Control, Redundancy, 5-Star Support Included

“We use the diagnostics to step back through and see which carrier is failing to complete a call or which are having call quality issues. We can use the diagnostics to determine who that carrier is, and then go in there and create a route block. The block will expire on its own and go back into service once we’ve given it enough time.”

The company’s platform is marketed to service providers of all sizes, who then use thinQ for their outbound calling, Dusty explained. “We’ve been with you since you started, nearly 10 years now. We’re excited to use thinQ io now with your two portals combined into one dashboard. That’s made our lives much easier because everything is in one spot.”

“Your team has always done a really good job, even as you’ve grown, you’ve not changed your view of the world. You still view your customers as important by themselves. You’re always knowledgeable, always very easy to work with.”

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Date posted: December 12, 2021

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