Commio Inbound Voice: Control Your Carriers, Phone Numbers & Pricing

Evin Hunt

Inbound Number Configuration

When it comes to inbound voice – also known as origination – relying on a single provider can lead to big challenges. Like limited number availability, ordering delays, provisioning issues, high costs, and limited options to keep your phones working during an outage.

Finally, thinQ by Commio offers a voice origination solution that gives you total control. We make it easy to buy, port-in, and provision phone numbers.

Whether you use our APIs or the thinQ io portal, you get easy routing controls, flexible port-in capabilities, and more:

  • Choose from multiple vendors (40+ domestic, international, and toll-free) with our least cost routing engine
  • Select single numbers or similarly grouped numbers
  • Make routing preferences that fit your needs
  • Attach E911 address information to any phone number (DID) to enable emergency location services
  • Leverage our CNAM caller id solutions to deliver more calls, faster

With thinQ by Commio, you can take back control and get the quality you deserve with:

  • Crisp and clear audio
  • Better call completion
  • Total redundancy to mitigate outages
  • Full operational control
  • Cost containment and savings

Schedule a quick consultation with one of our cloud communications experts to learn more about adding inbound voice to your account.


Date posted: June 1, 2021

Topic: Inbound   Inbound Voice   Toll-Free  

Tags: Caller ID   E911   Intelligent Call Routing   Least Cost Routing   VoIP  

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