Morrisette Paper Eliminates Voice Carrier Pain Points in the Cloud

Tim McLain

Morrisette Paper Company Case Study“Commio is one of the best kept secrets in enterprise telecom. You have an amazing product that checks all the boxes and solves our carrier pain points.”
James Cass
IT Director, Morrisette Paper Company

Morrisette provides packaging and facility solutions for some of the world’s biggest brands. The company has a reputation for innovation; pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, pioneering new cleaning methods, new designs, and new ways to save.


  • Incumbent voice carrier with expensive, inflexible SIP voice services
  • Inadequate support, lack of transparency
  • Slow to respond to new phone number provisioning, port-ins
  • Lack of tools to research, solve common issues
  • Inability to route calls at the best possible price and quality


  • Replace inflexible SIP service with Commio
  • Work one-on-one with a U.S.-based support team with deep expertise
  • Use the thinQ platform to provision & port numbers fast
  • Get self-guided tools to research calls, set custom routes, mitigate outages
  • Route calls to deliver cost savings and high quality


  • 80% reduction in monthly telephony spend
  • Control every aspect of the company’s inbound and outbound voice
  • Better support response times and results
  • Dynamic failover to deliver 99.99% up-time
  • Tools to research call issues in real-time

Goal: Break Free from an Inflexible, Expensive Carrier

James Cass has deep experience with enterprise communications. Before becoming IT Director at Morrisette Paper Company in North Carolina – a 10-location firm with 250 employees – he managed a high-volume contact center in Florida.

“The contact center was using traditional Primary Rate Interface (PRI) hardware, and I knew we had to move to a more flexible system with SIP for our outbound calls. We connected thinQ to take advantage of your Internet cloud platform and least cost routing (LCR) engine. It was so easy to get up and running, had built-in redundancy, and the calls were very high quality–and inexpensive.”

After taking his new role at Morrisette Paper Company, James knew Commio was a great fit for his enterprise telephony needs. “I brought thinQ to Morrisette for all of the same reasons. We were originally using an expensive, single voice carrier for outbound and inbound.”

“When we tested our original carrier’s SIP offering, it was too rigid in terms of how we could re-route calls when they had issues. And I had to file a ticket every time I needed a new phone number or de-provision a line. It took too long and was very slow. We didn’t have enough control or insight into what was happening from top to bottom.”

Toll-Free Savings Calculator

Solution: Get Full Control of Inbound & Outbound Telephony & Save

“We use Commio for all of our communication needs… We’re saving more than 80%. That’s a massive cost reduction for any small company like ours. Commio addresses all of our carrier pain points. We have a lot more flexibility and control and we just love it. I can easily provision new phone numbers, originate our toll-free calls, and use your least cost routing for outbound communications. We use Commio for all of our communication needs.”

Gaining full control of their telephony solved their carrier pain points was a great start. “Plus, thinQ is much less expensive. We’re saving more than 80%. That’s a massive cost reduction for any small company like ours.”

One important need was reliable failover technology to be sure that calls are completed even if a single carrier experiences an outage. “You offer modern SIP trunking with redundancy built-in. We do have a backup carrier in place. It’s one of those necessary evils, just in case. Because thinQ has redundancy baked in that’s 40 carriers deep, we never have to use it. It’s really amazing.”

“Your platform offers fast number provisioning plus instant feedback, so it’s really excellent. Your support staff really know how to support your products, and the technology behind your solution is really astounding.”

“I love the transparency in your Web interface, especially the individual call reports with detailed breakdowns. It speeds up our support process, so we can look at specific calls and understand what’s going on, whereas in the past I’d submit a ticket and wait. Now I can get the answer on my own quickly.”

“What I tell my peers is that Commio is one of the best kept secrets in enterprise telecom. You have an amazing product that checks all the boxes and solves our carrier pain points. We get excellent support, better provisioning tools, superior capabilities to route our calls, it’s easy to use and it saves money.”

Ready to eliminate voice carrier pain points? Want to decrease monthly telephony costs by 40-70%? There is a better way. Get a no-obligation demo and talk to a Commio expert today.

Case Study

Date posted: November 6, 2021

Topic: Inbound Voice   Outbound Voice  

Tags: Intelligent Call Routing   Least Cost Routing   VoIP  

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