Nice to Meet You! Katie Reddick, Commio’s Director of Customer Success

Tim McLain

At Commio, our team spends a lot of time talking with our customers, and it somehow feels better to know a bit about who you’re talking to. So welcome to our new series “Nice to Meet You,” and who better for our inaugural post than Katie Reddick, Director of Customer Success, who’s been with us for nearly ten years now! 

Katie ReddickWhat do you do at Commio?

I help manage the Customer Success team, which includes onboarding new customers, porting numbers, answering customer tickets and calls, and anything else customers may need. We also work closely with sales and development to ensure customer needs are met in all aspects of the company and its Voice and Messaging products. 

What sets your team apart from similar jobs at other companies?

Customer interaction! I know phone calls and phone numbers don’t seem like the most exciting things to deal with, but my team and I always do our best to ensure customers are taken care of during our interactions with them. We are problem solvers that care about reaching a resolution, and also ensuring our customers are kept updated and feel important along the way. 

What excites you about going to work in the morning?

I look forward to always learning something new. I can truly say I continue to learn more about the industry and our customer needs every single day. It is exciting to be part of something that continues to expand and grow my capabilities and knowledge alongside that. 

If you could do some other job, what would it be and why?

I would combine two things I am passionate about—animals and the beach—by opening an animal rescue center located near the water. 

What do your customer interactions look like?

I know it’s a cliche answer, but I always treat customers the way I would want to be treated. Everyone has a bad day every now and then, and we never know what someone is going through. Someone may be calling for a simple update on a port, but by treating them with respect and showing you care, it can make their day.

Katie with Dorothy JonesWho do you work most closely with and what do you like about them? What is something interesting about them?

In my day to day I work most closely with my teammate Dorothy Jones. She is my right-hand woman and I couldn’t do it without her. She is always there to help me with anything I may ask, and her attention to detail and customer experience goes above and beyond. There are lots of interesting things about Dorothy, but two of my favorite things are her love for hibachi and the fact that she has never seen The Wizard of Oz. Also, fun fact, her grandma lives three houses down from me. 

Tell me about your pets.

Katie's catsI have two amazing cats named Chibs (boy) and Jackie Girl (girl, if you couldn’t tell by her name!). They are siblings who I found on Craigslist seven years ago. They were street kitties in Durham, NC before I took them in, and they are named after characters on my favorite TV show, Sons of Anarchy. The best thing to come out of quarantine is that I get to work with them by my side each and every day. #BestCoworkersEver 

Which sibling are you of how many, and how has that affected your personality?

Katie's siblingsI am the oldest of six siblings. My sisters and brothers are the most important people in the world to me. I have always helped look after them and we have been close all our lives. As the eldest, I was always the encourager. I want to see all of my siblings succeed, while also keeping them in line. I believe this shaped me into the customer-centric person I am today. I always want to make sure people are taken care of and feel welcome in any situation. I want to solve problems and come up with solutions to help me and those around me succeed. 


Date posted: November 18, 2021

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