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It’s long been said that the customer is king (or queen!), but with globalization and the internet, it’s never been more complicated and the stakes have never been higher. Businesses are no longer competing with the store down the street or even the Sears Catalog, but rather a thousand options scattered around the world and you Customer Contact Week 2023have about fifteen seconds to get a viewer’s attention before they click away. Even if you get their attention, you have to communicate clearly using their preferred form(s) of communication or poof! they’re gone.

It’s no wonder smart companies are heading to Customer Contact Week June 19 in Las Vegas for the latest and greatest ways to catch and hold someone’s interest—or that two of the hottest subjects on the agenda are optimizing your call center technology and your omnichannel strategy. Commio Vice President Eric Leon will be there to help organizations understand the underlying importance of choosing the right voice and SMS provider in powering those experiences. We chatted with him about the event.

How would you describe this conference? Who is the typical attendee?

Eric: Customer Contact Week is where SaaS companies and their consumers meet up to create better customer experiences, based on the most current technology and processes available. Exhibitors are the who’s who of customer experience platforms, while attendees are the enterprises who build mission-critical services for their customers based on these platforms. Commio provides value to both, but particularly the customer experience platforms.

What are their pain points?

Eric: It’s really the best of times and the worst of times for the platform vendors at this show. On the positive side, they have been experiencing exponential growth as their services have become mission critical. However, they frequently haven’t been able to improve the operational burden for the underlying voice network they use to power their voice platform. And, they’ve seen a slowing in the economies of scale for delivering and receiving calls. 

So how do they fix that—more calls, maybe higher quality calls, at a lower price—is that even possible?

Eric: It is! We are talking about mission-critical services, where end users expect flawless call quality and reliable delivery, all while demanding consistently lower rates. At Commio, we understand these challenges and have developed a groundbreaking solution to empower our partners.

Our technology enables you to build redundant, intelligence-driven, and high-margin products and services. Say goodbye to operational headaches and soaring expenses. Our platform breaks through barriers, allowing you to effortlessly reduce overhead while maintaining exceptional quality.

We believe it’s not simply about cost versus quantity and quality; it’s about providing the best of both worlds. Our intelligent call routing ensures not only lower costs but also unmatched quality. Additionally, our platform offers complete transparency and control, empowering you to identify and address issues in real-time, eliminating the need for support tickets.

And what about texting—are there issues around that, as well?

Eric: Most definitely. There have been a ton of recent shifts around how customer experience platforms handle text messaging for their customers. We all appreciate the desire to minimize spam, but it’s difficult to navigate all the new carrier rules and regulations, let alone build them into your platform. Platform providers have had to enforce campaign registration, add fees…it’s a lot, and it just keeps evolving.  

One provider just announced to customers that they were going to turn off SMS if they didn’t start registering their campaigns. Better to navigate the waters around the industries that provide messaging and get their support.

How can Commio help?

Eric: There are a lot of companies that deliver messaging campaigns. Commio’s messaging APIs make it easy to add brand and campaign registration to platforms, and get text messages out the door. What platform providers really need, however, are partnerships. We talk to platform prospects and customers all the time about enforcing industry regulations, educating their teams and their customers, and ensuring messaging compliance, as well as streamlining processes, reducing costs, adding structure, and improving deliverability. 

Great! Any last words?

Happy Cloud Communications CustomerEric: Why Commio? We work with customer experience platforms to help them understand how new cloud communication technologies can enable them to build better customer experiences. And, we provide support through industry transitions and help solve core challenges. Our smart, reliable voice and messaging ensure the quality and deliverability of your calls and text messages.

We’ve remained true to our original value proposition since day one, over a decade ago. Unlike our competitors, we have a fully transparent platform and give you access to the controls. And, we recognize that one size doesn’t fit all; we help you build a product specific to the needs of your customers. Commio is essentially the secret sauce behind the scenes—we ensure mission critical services are delivered better. 

How would attendees contact you to meet up? 

Eric: You can book a meeting with me here. If you’re not attending Customer Contact Week but still have questions, let us know—we’re happy to help.

Date posted: May 11, 2023

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