STIR/SHAKEN is Live: What to Expect Going Forward

Michael Tindall

As consumers, we’d love to see illegal robocalls and Caller ID spoofing go away. The new STIR/SHAKEN legislation to crack down on them even has a cool James Bond vibe. The June 30, 2021 compliance deadline from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has passed, and businesses are more concerned than ever. Many continue to be unsure how compliance works, what your current level of attestation means, and whether your call delivery may be impacted.

To be sure, call spoofing and robocalling must be addressed. As part of a business, though, your perspective is somewhat broader. Many legitimate businesses like yours rely on calling, and worry about the ramifications of STIR/SHAKEN for your organization. As Commio Co-founder and Chief Architect Michael Tindall notes, “the legislation has many moving parts and the situation continues to evolve,” and we’re already in phase two. Many companies don’t have the staff or the expertise to keep up.

Fortunately, Commio continues to have your back and proactively respond to developments. Watch recordings of our timely webinar series below, then reach out to with your top questions.

1. STIR/SHAKEN is Live: Let’s Get Started

STIR/SHAKEN requires a variety of actions from telecom carriers, voice providers, and business callers. This episode was recorded just after the June 30 deadline as STIR/SHAKEN officially went live. But it’s only the beginning. Find out what’s done, what’s yet to come, and how we can all be compliant together.

2. ABC’s of STIR/SHAKEN Attestation

What do the three levels of attestation mean? What’s your current level, and how can you move up? If you’re not an “A,” are you at risk of being blocked? What do you need to do and when? We’ll sort it out for you and help you reach the top.

3. STIR/SHAKEN: Now What?!

As STIR/SHAKEN signs and applies attestation to your calls from a growing list of carriers, we’re hearing a lot more questions from our customers — and a lot more concern. What are your biggest questions and challenges? Listen as customers ask the big questions and Mike delivers straight answers.

During our webinars, we received questions related to who qualifies as a voice service provider, and as such, must register with the FCC. On September 28, 2021, intermediate and terminating voice providers may no longer accept traffic from voice service providers who are not fully registered in the FCC Robocall Mitigation database. As we highlighted during each session, we are fully FCC registered.

We serve a small number of customers who may qualify as voice service providers – e.g., those who buy phone numbers from us, have their own switch, provide voice services to customers as a business model, etc. – and may need to register with the FCC, as well. We can’t provide legal advice, and if you think you fall into this category we suggest that you contact a regulatory attorney.

For additional information, visit the Code of Federal Regulations around robocall mitigation and certification and the FCC Mitigation Database.

More: Telecom Reseller STIR/SHAKEN Podcast

Feel like you’re still playing catch-up on STIR/SHAKEN? Listen in as Mike provides a concise overview to host Don Witt on the Telecom Reseller podcast.

Date posted: October 6, 2021

Topic: Inbound Voice   Outbound Voice   Software as a Service (SaaS)  

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Michael Tindall

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