Important: Your teli Account & Commio Transition

Katie Reddick

If you’re a teli customer, we need to hear from you! We’re excited to let you know that we’re moving your existing communications functionality and APIs to Commio early next year. There are some significant reasons for making the move from teli to Commio:

  • First and foremost, it will allow you to take advantage of our more flexible, robust platform and APIs for messaging and voice from Commio.
  • Better, streamlined billing and transparency of what you’re spending, applicable taxes, plus greater flexibility for payment options, and more.
  • We’ve unified our support and customer success teams and expanded the level and timeliness of our support to you. We pride ourselves on our knowledge, professionalism, and response speed will help us optimize your support.
  • Once fully migrated to the Commio platform, you will have access to the full suite of existing features, including some features that may be new to you, as well as some exciting new features coming in 2023.
  • Should you wish to take advantage of both our texting and voice functionality, a shared platform and set of APIs will minimize the learning curve and future-proof your communication stack.

When will this occur?
Our target date for completing the transition is February 1, 2023; we’ll keep you apprised as we finalize the details. We think you’ll appreciate all the advantages of the Commio platform, and look forward to helping you transition.

What’s changing?
If you wish to continue your teli services and become a Commio customer, we’re offering an annual contract with a minimum monthly spend of $500 or more, which can be spent on any combination of products, including voice, text messaging, CNAM, and more. This minimum will allow us to ensure adequate resources to support your communications and invest in new features going forward.

What’s the next step?
Our team is standing by to fulfill your transition order. Talk to your account manager to get started. Importantly, if you’d like to opt-out of the transition and shut down your account, we can start the process now to minimize any impact on your business. 

You may also send an email to and provide your opt-in or opt-out choice, along with your company name and contact information. We’ll reach out to start the process.

What’s my deadline?
We must hear from you prior to February 1, 2023 or your teli account will be shut down at that time. Rest assured we will work with you to provide the support and expertise you need to keep your teli solutions up and running without interruption through the transition. 

Thank you for your business,
Your Commio Team

Date posted: November 18, 2022

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Katie Reddick

As Director of Customer Success, Katie leads other passionate team members in cultivating customer relationships to support product value and adoption. Katie has always prioritized optimizing customer experiences, and enjoys constantly expanding her knowledge of the ever changing cloud communications industry so she can maintain helpful relationships with clients. Katie has applied her studies in social relationships and interactions to build a positive customer journey at Commio. Outside of work, Katie enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and furbabies.

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