Video: Local Numbers = Texting Success

Scott Navratil

Long code text messaging campaigns: the love-hate relationship of every communications professional. The use cases. Opt-in requirements. Brand requirements. Message requirements. And just when you think you’ve nailed it…rejected again! But the siren song of a 98% open rate…within minutes…keeps luring you back.

The good news is, the changes have slowed and approval rates are trending upward. Watch now as Commio VP and messaging expert Scott Navratil shares the most current advice, including:

  • Everything you need to know before you submit a brand or campaign
  • Critical tips on how to grow your list (do it wrong and nothing else will matter)
  • How you say it, matters as much as what you say—maybe more
  • What to look for in a provider who can smooth out the wrinkles (switching just got easier!)
  • Doing it all in the right order—save time, money, and stress

Bonus:  As promised in the webinar, here are the links to our brand-new, comprehensive eBook Using Local Numbers for Text Messaging Success, as well as the Long Code Campaign Checklist.

Watch now, then let’s get texting!

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Date posted: April 26, 2024

Topic: 10DLC Long Code   Messaging   Messaging API  

Tags: 10 DLC   campaign registry   long code   Text Messaging  

Scott Navratil

Scott, a member of our Commio team, has held executive management positions at several top IP communications companies and was named one of Colorado Business Magazine’s most powerful salespeople. He is a regular speaker at national telecom events. Scott holds a B.A. in Meteorology from the University of Northern Colorado. Scott primarily enjoys spending time with his family in Colorado and also enjoys skiing, snowboarding, racing motorcycles, and astronomy.

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