Video: Take It Easy – Rest Assured of Your Toll-free Disaster Recovery

Michael Tindall

Anyone who uses toll-free calling to help their customers connect, recognizes the importance of keeping those phone lines fully functional 24×7 and clear of jitter. If you have a call or contact center, your customer experiences – and your company’s revenue – may be heavily dependent on the quality and availability of your calls. An hour or two of downtime can cost the company tens or even hundreds of thousands, not to mention affecting the brand. No pressure, right?!

If the threat of unclear calls and carrier outages keeps you awake at night, toll-free calling with Least Cost Routing – or even better, Intelligent Call Routing – can help you rest assured. Watch now for a demo of how Commio’s unique toll-free offering can optimize performance and give you peace of mind:

  • Maximize redundancy with access to all five carriers at once – and the ease of a single provider
  • Enjoy the highest level of reliability with  automated 5x disaster recovery around the clock (sleep well tonight!)
  • Take advantage of the least expensive option for any given call route, using Least Cost Routing
  • Be confident in the highest quality call route, with Intelligent Call Routing
  • Order, port, and provision toll-free numbers quickly and easily (Commio is a RespOrg!)
  • Rest assured of experienced professional support at your fingertips around the clock

Watch to see how Commio tracks every call and optimizes carrier routing so you’ll deliver high-quality calls at the best price, every time.

Want to rest assured about your toll-free calling? Contact us.

Date posted: November 9, 2022

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Michael Tindall

Michael Tindall leads Commio's product development and engineering teams. While attending Clemson University, Michael co-founded Tsoft Solutions, purchased by ClearSky Networks. Next he built and ran support for US Networks. Michael then worked for Bandwidth till he was approached by Aaron Leon to build a cloud-based routing system. The rest is history. Michael is a “40 under 40” winner, and one of only 18 OpenSIPS Certified professionals worldwide. When not coding the future of telecom, you’ll find him enjoying movies, cars, entertaining, and exercising.

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