What’s New, Better, More in Commio’s Cloud Communication Platform?

Tim McLain

New. Better. More. The Commio platform simplifies inbound-outbound voice and text messaging in the cloud. Combining all of our solutions in one powerful platform, Commio offers a completely custom, transparent, scalable, and flexible cloud communications. Along with our complete set of APIs, we empower you to strategically make better decisions about inbound and outbound voice plus text messaging (SMS/MMS) and more.

What is thinq.io?
It’s the Commio™ integrated inbound and outbound voice and SMS/SMS communications platform. When added to our APIs, we deliver a “better way” to power voice and text messaging in the cloud. Our new outbound voice APIs were launched with thinQ io in Q420. Our full suite of APIs now make it possible to add and control your inbound and outbound voice plus text messaging.

What’s New: Phone Number Search Enhancements, Email Notifications & Usage Dashboard

Phone Number DID Search Enhancements Summer 2021

You asked for a better way to search for and purchase new phone numbers, and we’ve delivered. Login to thinq.io today to experience our enhanced phone number search, including:

  • Search by NPA, NPA-NXX, State, or Rate Center.
  • Results now display a “match” indicator. This will help guide you to the results that match your search criteria exactly and the results that are a related match to your search criteria, giving you the most options available to you from Commio’s inventory.
  • Can’t find your match? Submit a backorder right from the page. This sends a request directly to our customer support team with your information, so that they can help complete your order.
  • Finding some numbers, but not as many as you needed? Submit a backorder for the numbers you aren’t finding today, and order the numbers that are available. It’s the flexibility you’ve been asking for!
  • Need a LOT of numbers? Submit a large order request directly within thinq.io on the search page. Our support team will reach out to you to help complete your order.
  • Important: The API endpoint will change for searching numbers, please see our API documentation for more information @ Commio API Documentation.

thinQ io Alerts and Notifications by Email

Email alerts are just a click away. Under Admin, Profile, click Notifications to set up automatic email alerts for inbound and outbound balances dropping below a set value, track daily international spend, and get an alert if your account is suspended. Notifications are unique to each user account and only impact receiving emails.

thinQ io Outbound Voice Dashboard

Click the Outbound tab to see a snapshot of outbound voice usage. The new visualization shows your average rate, total spend, calls and minutes, short call percentage, enabled channels, and more. An international usage tracker shows your set international daily limit and how you’re tracking against it. You can reset the tracker anytime, or wait for it to reset at midnight UTC. Note that this information is also accessible via API.

Add Text to MMS thinQ API

If you’re taking advantage of Commio’s enterprise-grade text messaging solution, we’ve added a much-requested feature to our MMS API. You now have the ability to send text along with any image when transmitting an MMS message. Visit our API docs to learn more.

AT&T SMS MMS Surcharges

A host of carriers rolled out new commercial long code fee structures in 2021. We pass these fees through to you at no additional markup, full details here.

As an existing customer, do I need to make any changes to my tech stack to use the new platform or APIs?
No. We’re not changing our existing APIs or any of your settings, so no updates or changes are necessary in your tech stack to make the move to thinq.io. All outbound voice settings and login(s) have been migrated and mirrored from lcr.thinq.com, and no changes are needed to your setup. Similarly, we’ve migrated your i.thinq.com login and settings for inbound voice, so the only thing you’ll notice is the name and domain change from i.thinq.com to thinq.io.

I have a question.
We’re here to help! Send a support ticket to support@commio.com and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Can I go in-depth into thinq.io’s new look and features?

Download a copy of our launch webinar slide deck (PDF).

Here’s just a taste of what’s new and better in thinq.io:

New: Workflows for Creating Routing Profiles, Trunks & Route Blocks 

  • The new workflows take you step by step through each process
  • You can view where you are in the process and what step comes next
  • You can easily go back a step or completely exit the workflow and move on
  • Each workflow provides a confirmation of what you have created and offers different options for next steps

New: Search Carrier Options when setting up a Routing Profile

  • Carrier selection is easy with the new, built-in search feature
  • Type the name of a carrier or carrier ID if you’re familiar (CLEC, RBOC, Specialty, Regional, Aggregator)

New: Easy Access to your Token

  • When viewing your trunks, you can easily access your token and copy it, there’s no need to ‘edit’ it first

New: Access Invoices in One Place 

  • Your Inbound and Outbound invoices are now located under the Billing section
  • Future enhancements will combine your invoices for easier, faster processing, and more

New: Notifications that Make Sense

  • Notification options are consolidated to a new Notifications section of your Profile (coming early 2021)
  • Additional options to trigger smarter email and in-app notifications are planned

Better: See which Carriers are Blocked for a Specific Route

  • From your route blocks list, you can now view how many, and which, carriers are blocked for each destination route

Better: Edit an Existing Route Block 

  • You can edit an existing route block and change the details, like expiration date or carriers, without having to delete the block and create a new one

Better: Quick Date Range Searching for Call Detail Records (CDRs)

  • Our call detail records search defaults to ‘Today’ (midnight to midnight) instead of requiring you to select a date and time manually for every query
  • There are other quick choices for ‘Yesterday’, ‘Last 48 hours’, ‘Last 5 days’ and ‘Last 7 days’
  • On the results page, you can choose multiple results and create a support ticket with multiple examples

Thank you for your business, and helping us celebrate thinQ/Commio’s 10th birthday in 2020 – delivering a better way to communicate in the cloud.

New to Commio, or looking for a cloud communication solution? Get a demo today and let’s find a fit for our solution in yours.

Date posted: July 14, 2021

Topic: CPaaS   Toll-Free Texting  

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