Video: The Latest Cloud Comms Updates, Part 1 – Text Messaging

Tim McLain

Remember bag phones? Flip phones? The advent of email, and then texting? If you’re much over 30, you remember all of these. The Internet and mobile communications has created new industries, reshaped others, and killed a few, as well. (Used a pay phone lately?)

Are you ready for the future?

When we talk about cloud communications changing at the speed of light, we generally say it with pride—but it can be a lot to deal with when you just want to get a message out. Watch our new 3-part webinar series to hear what industry experts have to say about the latest opportunities and what they see on the horizon.

First Up: Text Messaging!

Michael Moran, Commio President & COO

Michael Moran, Commio President

People love texts, and generally open them within the first few minutes of receipt. However, there’s short code, long code, toll-free, and all moving in different directions. What are the latest regulations? What can a message say—or not? What are the biggest mistakes users are making? How is it evolving? Commio President Mike Moran and other members of our executive team talk about what to do right now, and what to anticipate next!

There’s no time to rest on your laurels. Watch now and get ready for tomorrow.

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Date posted: June 25, 2024

Topic: 10DLC Long Code   Messaging   Messaging API   Short Code   Toll-Free Texting  

Tags: Cloud Communications   VoIP  

Tim McLain

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