Voice Over IP (VoIP) may be a “granddad” on the internet and in cloud communications, but it continues to evolve and require more expertise. First and foremost, call fraud is more prevalent than ever, demanding regular compliance updates from the FCC. Businesses also need more phone numbers these days, and that necessitates juggling and management. Similarly, avoiding outages is critical but how many carriers is ideal and how do you wrangle them? Also—voice provider, CPaaS, or both?!

Register now for the second of our 3-part webinar series to hear what Commio Cofounder and Chief Architect Michael Tindall and other cloud communications experts have to say about the latest VoIP opportunities, how to pick and choose, and what they see on the horizon.

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Eric Leon

Sales VP, Commio

Michael Tindall

Chief Architect & Co-founder, Commio

Sam Shiffman

Chief Strategist, Commio

Katie Reddick

Director, Customer Success, Commio

Tim McLain

Marketing Director, Commio
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