6 Steps to Cloud Communications Implementation Success

Katie Reddick

From Dating to I Do: Because No One Likes a Divorce (or Changing Vendors!)

We’ve all been there. It’s not the best diner, but it’s convenient and I know the menu. I don’t like MS Word but it’s installed and I know how to use it. On a date, we’re probably not the perfect fit but we’re comfortable and we have the same friends. 

In the same way, many companies aren’t crazy about their voice or messaging provider, but they question whether the grass is in fact truly greener on the other side (at least until there’s an outage!).

We get it—relationships at work and at home can be hard work. Change is hard, and the alternatives might not be better! 

So we slog along with the same old cloud communications provider, wishing we had better tools. More carriers. More phone numbers. Better APIs. All the while paying more, grousing when call quality is garbage, setting up a second or third backup provider just in case.

It doesn’t have to be this way. At Commio, that’s why we have 100% U.S.-based account managers, customer success pros, and network operations teams who are never more than a Slack message, email, or phone call away. 

Whether you’re turning on voice or messaging, our carefully defined implementation process isn’t just fast and painless, it’s designed to ensure your success—delivered with the same white glove service you can expect throughout your tenure with us.

  1. It Starts with a First Date

Once you’ve heard enough about Commio to decide that our cloud communication services are a good fit for your company, we do a discovery call—kind of like a first date. We talk about your unique use case. The type and level of traffic you’re delivering today. Your current experiences, and the pain points with your providers. We tell you more about Commio and answer all your questions. Maybe you need more carrier redundancy, or call transparency and control. At the end of the call, we each decide if this still looks like a good enough match for a second date.

  1. Let’s Go to the Movies: Platform Demo

Happy CoupleNext, Andy Constantino, our Sales Engineer, will provide your team with a thorough demo of the Commio platform. You’ll have more questions, he’ll answer them. How does Commio enable intelligent call routing so you can have control of your calls from dial to delivery? How can you ensure your long code text messaging campaigns will go through? What is Commio’s number availability? Andy notes that the best relationships start with prospects who are highly engaged during the demo, so don’t be shy!

  1. Meet the Family

At that point, things get a little more serious. Hopefully you’ve already identified all your internal stakeholders; you’ll want them involved early on. You’ll meet the members of your interops team here at Commio. Katie Reddick, Director of Customer Success, will set up your test account, confirm which products you want to test, walk you through how to configure the platform on your end, and find out what we need to get your test account set up correctly. A test ticket will be created that includes everyone you might need to know here—from your account executive and Andy to Katie and our support staff—so the right person can answer your questions quickly and easily.

  1. Going Steady: Take Advantage of Your Test Account

The point of dating is to get a sense of long-term compatibility, so take full advantage of your trial run. Make calls! Receive calls! Buy and port phone numbers! Track call routes! Change carriers! Set up brands and messaging campaigns! Send messages! The sky is the limit. Commio wants you to feel comfortable with the interface and be confident you’re making the right decision.

  1. It’s all About Communication

Our team is here at the ready to help you get the most from our voice and messaging services. After Katie gets everything configured, a check-in call is set up, usually about a week later. Most of the time, the prospect is ready to talk wedding plans—everything you’ll need for production: capacity, numbers to port, price and payment plan, etc. 

We also assign permanent Customer Success and account managers, along with setting up ongoing access to our sales engineer.

If you’re not ready, that’s fine too! We reset the timeline, answer any new questions, and make sure you need everything you need for a successful test. We encourage everyone to get the test done within 30 days to stay focused. But nobody wants a shotgun wedding. 😉

Get acquainted with our blogs and Knowledgebase, as well. We enjoy talking to you, but sometimes you just want a quick, easy answer. And you might discover something new!

  1. The Never-ending Honeymoon

It’s all wine and roses till you move in together—we’ve all seen this happen far too often. So let’s be clear: Commio support doesn’t end with implementation. Your team is with you for the long haul, we’re U.S. based, we’re available across time zones, and we cover emergencies 24×7.

At Commio, we’re not happy unless you are (and there are no in-laws!). Ready to learn more? Schedule your demo today.

Date posted: March 8, 2023

Topic: 10DLC Long Code   APIs   Inbound Voice   Messaging   Outbound Voice  

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Katie Reddick

As Director of Customer Success, Katie leads other passionate team members in cultivating customer relationships to support product value and adoption. Katie has always prioritized optimizing customer experiences, and enjoys constantly expanding her knowledge of the ever changing cloud communications industry so she can maintain helpful relationships with clients. Katie has applied her studies in social relationships and interactions to build a positive customer journey at Commio. Outside of work, Katie enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and furbabies.

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