ServiceTitan Helps Field Service Contractors Reach Millions of Customers with Commio

Tim McLain

“Commio helps our tradespeople stay connected with local customers, especially in rural areas. Electricians, plumbers, and contractors who are dispatched to people’s homes rely on our platform.”
Damon Prater
Senior Engineering Manager, ServiceTitan

ServiceTitan offers an all-in-one SaaS platform serving commercial and residential plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and other field service businesses. A key platform feature is call tracking to ensure that every call gets from local homeowners to service providers, and vice-versa.


  • Static voice routes limited call delivery into rural service areas
  • Inability to route calls at the best quality and lowest price
  • Limited visibility into call delivery issues
  • Slow support from carriers to respond to call quality issues
  • Lack of tools to research, solve common telephony issues


  • Replace inflexible static voice services with Commio
  • Route 20M high-quality calls a month and save money
  • Use Commio to set up new call-tracking services fast
  • Get hands-on tools to customize routes, research calls, mitigate quality issues
  • Work one-on-one with a support team with deep telecom expertise


  • Deliver more calls into rural service areas and save money
  • Control every aspect of ServiceTitan’s outbound voice services
  • Better support response times and results
  • Dynamic failover to deliver 99.99% up-time
  • Tools to research call issues in real-time

Goal: Keep Tradespeople in Touch With Customers Everywhere

“We handle 20 million minutes of outbound calling each month, and we were using static dial plans. Many of our customers are in more rural areas where one route wasn’t getting calls to their premise.”

Damon Prater has more than a decade of experience in telecom. Before becoming Senior Engineering Manager at ServiceTitan he was Principal Software Engineer at Broadvoice, a global telecom provider with tens of thousands of customers.

“I’d used Commio (then known as thinQ) before and knew you could help us deliver a better experience for our home service contractors to their calls get to their offices. Our solution stands in between the incoming call and the contractor’s phone line. What we needed was a broader set of carriers with the flexibility to set up custom routing to increase call quality, enable least cost routing to save money, and install route blocks to take problem carriers out of route.”

After taking his new role at ServiceTitan, Damon knew Commio’s platform was the right choice to solve his call delivery issues. “I brought thinQ to ServiceTitan for all of the same reasons. We were using static dial plans and lacked routing controls to control our calls.”

“Having Commio’s capacity for least cost routing and choices in terms of carriers, coupled with that the ability to go in and manage that, was important to me. If we determine that a carrier is not behaving the way we’d like in a certain area, we can go in and take them out of route, and give a better experience to our customer for getting their calls to their office. You were the obvious choice in my mind.”

“I’m a big fan of having tools I can go into directly to make changes. I’m definitely that kind of guy; I prefer that. I like to go click some buttons and make it happen. When I need to spin up a test or make a change, I can do it right in your portal without opening a support ticket. I’m able to self-solve my issues.”

Solution: Pick from 40 High-Quality Carriers to Deliver More Service Calls

“You’re the most competitive price-wise in terms of call termination. Add in the tools you provide and excellent support and we’re very happy. As we’ve scaled up our traffic you’ve been able to unlock more savings. With some of our other vendors, when we’ve had route issues, the turnaround time related to testing and feedback and samples was too long to really make an impact.”

Improving call delivery was easy with Commio’s self-service route controls and blocks. “When it came to not having to stand up our own least cost routing engine, you were the obvious choice in my mind. It’s a must for any SaaS platform with outbound calling.”

“Getting Commio up and running was straightforward. We added your records, made sure that we had the correct ACL in place, and we were done. I would say it was less than a couple of weeks from testing to full implementation.”

“I would definitely suggest that another platform developer like us take a look at you because you need fine-grain control of how your calls are delivered. You may think a single carrier is enough, but call delivery issues will pop up. Commio gives you all the control you need to solve your own issues without delay. It’s great.”

“We’ve seen increases in calls during and after COVID, because as people are at home more. All of a sudden you need the plumber, or you need somebody to come out and take a look at a light switch that just fried. As our call traffic has increased, Commio has helped us scale to meet demand.”

SaaS Case Study

Date posted: July 7, 2023

Topic: Outbound Voice   Software as a Service (SaaS)  

Tags: Call Center   Contact Center   VoIP  

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