The Power of Add-Ons to Build CPaaS Greatness

Michael Tindall

Sometimes in life, we can make something that’s already good better with the addition of a few extra options. Chocolate is great by itself, but add peanut butter and you build an empire. Car dealers live and die by add-on options. Communications platforms as a service (CPaaS) are no different, and the addition of basic add-ons can take something that’s already useful by itself and make it more powerful, efficient, and scalable. 

Why CPaaS Add-Ons Mean the World to End Users

CPaaS’ modular nature allows for add-on features to step in and provide added value to developers and end-users. These are just a few ways that’s accomplished.

Ultimate flexibility. CPaaS add-ons allow for a range of new options to be added to a standard platform like Plivo or Twilio. No need to buy functions that aren’t necessary just to get access to the ones that are; CPaaS add-ons mean a la carte-style flexibility where desirable features are added and less-desirable ones are left behind.

Scalability. The term “add on” denotes that the services can be added later when they prove necessary. Should those services ever prove unneeded, they can be removed with little incident. As your service or application grows in usage, so do its costs. The ability to ramp up services as traffic grows means that users can buy only as much as they need to accommodate growth, so they’re no longer faced with the choice between overbuying to accommodate extra traffic or having to provide less-than-quality service.

Compliance. No one wants to run afoul of regulators, and that means systems that help ensure compliance with regulations are especially valuable. Several add-ons deal directly with call recording, which can be necessary by mandate in some industries. While what’s necessary to achieve compliance can be different for different businesses, CPaaS add-ons can mean compliance as easy as using the service.

Business development. One of the biggest new tools in business today is analytics – the ability to take currently-existing data and check it for patterns. This data needs to be first gathered, then analyzed, and your voice systems are an excellent source of raw data. With CPaaS add-ons, you not only ensure better capture of data but the ability to analyze it all from the same platform.

How to Take Advantage of the Full Range of CPaaS Add-Ons

Whether you’re looking for a way to quickly get your business new capacity, or take better advantage of what’s already in play, turning to CPaaS add-ons for platforms like Twilio, Nexmo, Plivo, and Bandwidth can be just what’s needed to do the job. 

thinQ’s add-on for CPaaS platforms makes it easy to bring 40 of our high-quality voice carriers to your application in 60 seconds with a single code change, so the cost of switching is minimal. Our Least Cost Routing (LCR) engine delivers cost savings of up to 70% on every dial, which lowers your cost of goods (COGS) and helps you scale your solution.

We always find you the best rate for every call, provide built-in redundancy to mitigate outages, and give you the tools to troubleshoot call quality issues instantly. Set up a demo account today and bring the savings, flexibility, and multiple carriers that your CPaaS lacks.

Date posted: February 15, 2021

Topic: APIs   CPaaS  

Tags: Bandwidth   Least Cost Routing   Plivo   Twilio  

Michael Tindall

Michael Tindall leads Commio's product development and engineering teams. While attending Clemson University, Michael co-founded Tsoft Solutions, purchased by ClearSky Networks. Next he built and ran support for US Networks. Michael then worked for Bandwidth till he was approached by Aaron Leon to build a cloud-based routing system. The rest is history. Michael is a “40 under 40” winner, and one of only 18 OpenSIPS Certified professionals worldwide. When not coding the future of telecom, you’ll find him enjoying movies, cars, entertaining, and exercising.

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