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Scott Navratil

You register your brand…then your messaging campaign…you perfect the copy and get it approved, then send it off, and…nothing. Blocked by a carrier! Confused? There are a variety of reasons why this could happen, but some are more common than others.

Here at Commio we continue to see a lot of long code (10DLC) messaging campaigns being rejected for brand and message content mis-match. And, we are now seeing this issue with campaigns that have been previously vetted and approved. But what exactly does this mean?

Unapproved Content

Content providers are sending message traffic that varies greatly from the sample content that was submitted to and approved by The Campaign Registry (TCR) during registration. 

While it might seem easiest to use the campaign registration as a beginning point for organizing your concept and checking it off your to-do list, content frequently evolves as it moves through the approval process. A little tweak here, a little tweak there, and suddenly it’s substantially different! For this reason, we encourage you to make registration the final step before hitting send. 

Note: Once a campaign has been submitted and approved, absolutely no changes should be made to the content (including URLs). Violating this rule can result in a campaign being suspended and further enforcement action from the mobile carriers.

Unbranded URLs & Destinations

Let’s face it: URLs can be a pain. You use the URL dictated by your website, and you’ve used up half your text!

Some senders are using shortened URLs such as bitly, and/or URLs that don’t click through to the company site. The destination site should be clear, transparent, and match the registered brand on the campaign. It’s also important to make sure that all legal notices (privacy policy, terms and conditions, etc.) on the destination website match the registered brand for the campaign.

Warning: Unsafe website!If the URL clicks through to a warning message, such as the one shown, it is not only a red flag for the mobile subscriber, it can also trigger a fraud complaint to their mobile carrier. (And of course it doesn’t look good for your brand!) Always make sure you test your links before registering the campaign and sending it.

Questions? Contact us! Our Commio messaging experts are dedicated to ensuring the success of your messaging campaigns.

Date posted: December 8, 2022

Topic: 10DLC Long Code   Messaging  

Tags: campaign registry   MMS   SMS  

Scott Navratil

Scott, a member of our Commio team, has held executive management positions at several top IP communications companies and was named one of Colorado Business Magazine’s most powerful salespeople. He is a regular speaker at national telecom events. Scott holds a B.A. in Meteorology from the University of Northern Colorado. Scott primarily enjoys spending time with his family in Colorado and also enjoys skiing, snowboarding, racing motorcycles, and astronomy.

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