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The big day has arrived! Read the press release. Today, thinQ is pleased to announce that we have officially acquired teli, a Denver-based provider of text messaging and programmable voice technology, expanding our family of cloud communications solutions. This acquisition was made shortly after thinQ’s purchase of Austin-based Commio, which enables thinQ to source its own telephone numbers, effectively combat illegal robocalls, and expand U.S. market reach. Its redundancy capability will soon enable customers, for the first time ever, to switch their phone numbers between providers experiencing service issues with just a click.

We’re excited to introduce you to the combined offerings of all three under the Commio brand and share an updated look and feel for all our smart, reliable voice and text messaging products, which you’ll see continue to evolve over the next year and beyond.

But Commio is more than an extended umbrella brand and updated design. Through the Commio business, you—our customers—will gain access to an expanding set of solutions to help you grow and improve your own customers’ experiences. Commio brings together our thinQ, teli and Commio product sets alongside new voice and messaging capabilities on our 2021/22 roadmap.

Why Commio?

As the thinQ and teli product lines started coming together toward a shared blueprint, we felt like we’d moved beyond our existing brands and were limiting people’s view of our vision for the future and what we have to offer. Over the past decade and some, as we’ve watched you transform your businesses, improve your ability to communicate with customers, and build connected experiences with our voice and messaging solutions, it’s given us the opportunity to rethink who we are and the critical role we play in your business.

As a cloud communications platform (CPaaS) provider, our raison d’etre is to offer a “better way” to enhance customer experiencesthrough voice and messaging—between your business and your customers. Our direct-to-carrier voice options with intelligent call routing, high-capacity SMS/MMS through every major gateway, and uncommon U.S. support, all make it easy for companies to provide integrated communications in your SaaS platform and services.

We recognize that your primary goal is not to be a communication provider but rather optimize your customer experiences. For our combined solution, we wanted a name that shows our commitment to those experiences, and Commio articulates that vision: reflecting the added value of being the only CPaaS with multi-carrier, reliable communications—both in and out—to eliminate worry, unnecessary cost, and complexity. We’re the only CPaaS in the industry with “communication” in our name, and our DNA. With our new Commio brand, we’re working to ensure each of our customers gets exactly what you need, all in a flexible, easy-to-use API platform that provides peace of mind.

What’s Changing?

As you can see on, we have refreshed our logo and visual identity to be a bit more modern. We’ll share more details about the evolution of our brand identity in future blog posts. Aside from a design refresh coming inside the platforms, on our website, and in our communications, you’ll note that we now refer to the products as thinQ by Commio, and teli by Commio.

What’s not changing is any of your settings or integration code. Everything will continue to work, with integrated API documentation and other features coming in the near future.

Our History

The thinQ narrative has been an ongoing process of innovation and industry firsts. Over our tenure you, our customers, have demonstrated how the voice and messaging communications we power have facilitated better connections with your own customers. Using thinQ,  teli, and Commio solutions, SaaS companies and enterprise firms have moved to cloud-based communications and made them an integral part of the user experience. We’ve enjoyed watching you adapt to the only platform with 40+ carriers, ensuring optimal call quality and deliverability with affordable, scalable pricing, and take advantage of complete visibility into your communications to control your options.

Commio ExpertsInternally, we’ve evolved, as well. In the decade since our inception, we’ve grown and relocated, acquired several aligned technologies, gone through a couple of name changes to align with an evolving industry, and more. We’ve gone from a pair of entrepreneurs dedicated to delivering “better” cloud communication technologies, to a large group of professionals devoted to powering better customer experiences and unrivaled U.S. support.

The Commio platform and APIs are powerful and easy to use, offering domestic, toll-free, and international voice solutions with more control and less telecom jargon. Easily research calls, carriers, and message delivery to troubleshoot and solve issues. Turn routes and carriers on and off, all without support tickets. U.S.-based cloud experts will help you connect, test, and turn on more reliable voice and messaging, today.

Additionally, we now offer enhanced text messaging features, including short codes, hosted SMS, 10DLC, high-capacity toll-free, and a direct connection to deliver messages to Canada. Plus programmable voice features that surpass any other CPaaS on the market.

Through it all, we’ve been laser focused on ensuring nothing stands between your business and your customers.

What’s Next for thinQ and teli?

We’ve got big plans already in progress for the combined thinQ Voice and teli Messaging solutions. The communication services and support you’ve come to rely on will continue to operate as thinQ by Commio and teli by Commio while we work to integrate the two into a single API platform, with continued transparency and control plus new functionality. 

Our goal with Commio isn’t to simply consolidate our offerings; it’s to extend new capabilities to all our customers. The Commio brand provides a framework for us to expand our offerings and create support for new features. With a roster of new product features launching into 2022, the company’s rapid growth and customer retention is testament to its ability to deliver high-quality communications.

We feel strongly that updating our brand shouldn’t result in extra work or confusion for you. If you’re a current thinQ or teli customer, you can be assured that your login, billing, and API endpoints will not change. (Read: No recoding necessary!) Although our corporate brand name has changed, neither has our dedication to providing you with comprehensive communication options to power better customer experiences with peace of mind.

Discover More About Commio

We’re excited to have you share our journey with us, and we look forward to sharing more about Commio with you over the coming months. 

Can’t wait? Check out our new Commio website to learn more about the company we’ve become. You’ll get a feel for our new modern design and start seeing some new resources to help you power communications from your SaaS program.

We’re just getting started. Join us on Twitter and LinkedIn to be the first to hear the latest about our new brand, product updates, services, and support. Thanks for being part of our transformation, and as always…

Great communicating!

Your Commio Team


Date posted: October 4, 2021

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