New APIs for Easy Access to Long Code Messaging Campaign Registration

Scott Navratil

In our continuing effort to help customers navigate the ever-changing world of 10DLC, Commio is pleased to provide a variety of Messaging APIs for easy insertion of long code (10DLC) brand and campaign registration functionality into their applications. The primary APIs include:

  • Brand Creation – This allows you to register a brand under your account. Please note that mandatory fields will vary depending on the type of entity being registered (sole proprietor, private for-profit, government, etc.).
  • Campaign Creation – This API lets you create a new campaign on The Campaign Registry (TCR). If the submitted campaign request meets the requirements for at least one Mobile Network Operator (MNO), the campaign will be provisioned in TCR and assigned a Campaign ID, and the registration fee will be charged to the customer account.
  • Campaign Number Assignment – Use this API to assign phone numbers to approved campaigns.

Access Via Commio’s Portal

To access these and the full list of Campaign Registry APIs via thinQ, login to then click on Messaging > Campaign Registry > Support (at the top) > API Token. (See image above.) This will take you to a screen that includes a link to the teli APIs; scroll to the “Campaign Registry” section at the bottom.

Access to Messaging APIs via thinQ

For more information on the brand and campaign registration process available through our portal, watch our “How To” video. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your customer success specialist:

Phone: (919) 890-0000, option 1

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Date posted: November 11, 2021

Topic: 10DLC Long Code   Messaging   Software as a Service (SaaS)  

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Scott Navratil

Scott, a member of our Commio team, has held executive management positions at several top IP communications companies and was named one of Colorado Business Magazine’s most powerful salespeople. He is a regular speaker at national telecom events. Scott holds a B.A. in Meteorology from the University of Northern Colorado. Scott primarily enjoys spending time with his family in Colorado and also enjoys skiing, snowboarding, racing motorcycles, and astronomy.

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