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Ashley Byrd

Earlier this year, Commio transitioned its text messaging capabilities from the teli platform to to ensure customers have the best possible security and technology. We’re excited to say that we’ve already started to add new messaging functionality, as well. A few of the updated customer-facing features you may have noticed recently include:

  • SMS settings now visible on the Hosted Numbers list page and the Short Codes page
  • Inclusion of all features in the configure numbers download file
  • Showing Pending number assignments to Campaigns
  • Three new fields in the Message Detail Record (MDR) data: 

– MMS (to indicate if it is an MMS message)
– Carrier (indicates which carrier is related to the surcharge)
– Total_Surcharge (shows the total surcharges for the particular message)

  • Visibility into a number’s messaging status (will say “pending,” “SMS provisioned,” or “failed”)
  • Updates to inbound message settings: 

– Option to receive inbound message data in e.164 format
– Option to receive inbound MMS as a single message/webhook

  • Ability to download MDRs
  • View Carrier Terms Data for Campaigns

Screenshots of these new options are below.

Helpful Hint: If a campaign has been declined and you wish to resubmit it after making your edits, please note that you should click on “Reshare.” Or, if using the API, use the POST  /campaign/{campaignId}/sharing endpoint to reshare the campaign):

Resubmit Button on messaging

We’ve also added some messaging-specific internal tools to provide you with enhanced support from our Customer Success and NOC teams.

We would love to hear your feedback on these updates, as well as any suggestions you might have for future enhancements. As always, we appreciate your business!

Screenshots of New Options

SMS settings on Hosted Numbers page

SMS settings on hosted numbers page in

Pending Number Assignments on Campaigns

Pending number assignments on messaging campaigns in

MDRs Additional Fields & Ability to Download to a CSV file

MDR additional fields on

Ability to download a CSV file in

Added Provisioning Status for Commio Numbers (Pending | Failed| Provisioned)

SMS pending in

SMS failed in

SMS provisioned on

Updates to Inbound Message Settings

Inbound messaging format e.164 on

Receive inbound MMS as a single message/webhook

View Carrier Terms Data for Campaigns

View carrrier terms data for campaigns in

Carrier details on messaging


Date posted: October 4, 2023

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Ashley Byrd

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