Nice to Meet You! Justin Moreira, Strategic Account Manager

Tim McLain

Justin MoreiraJustin Moreira (pronounced more-air-a) has 13 years of experience taking good care of his voice and messaging customers, with more than 5 of those at Commio. We recently caught up with him.

What do you do at Commio?

I build and maintain trusted relationships with our key business clients. This includes regular communication with my customers, resolving their queries and negotiating agreements to ensure all parties are satisfied.

What do you think sets your team apart from similar jobs at other companies?

Here at Commio my team strives to exceed our customers’ expectations. We do this by providing an open line of communication that includes full transparency in any and all subject matter. We get stuff done!

What excites you about going to work in the morning?

For me, I am excited and motivated by earning and maintaining new and existing customer relationships. I am also motivated and energized by great teamwork. An example of great teamwork that I consistently experience here at Commio is when our departments proactively collaborate on new and existing business deals that require both new technology and custom rates to ensure the very best outcome for our customers.

Justin's passion is golfingIf you could do some other job, what would it be and why?

Professional golfer, because I’d have the opportunity to do what I love from a recreational perspective, travel the world and meet people, plus influence and develop new relationships. The money doesn’t hurt, either! 

My current golf game is mediocre compared to 7 years ago. That is when my first child was born and the challenge of balancing a career and family life came into play. If I made the game a profession then I’d wager that I could become a scratch player (~0 handicap) in less than 24 months. I would put the work into it.

What do your customer interactions look like?

That is simple. They are genuine, honest, where the lines of communication are always open.

Who has influenced you in your approach to work?

Justin's familyElon Musk, without a doubt, as he’s a true trailblazer. Elon Musk has influenced me to become a visionary versus just a disruptor when either starting or being part of a growing business. He stated that he is “not really a fan” of disruption, and that disruption can only happen when a “fundamentally better” option is developed. I truly believe that our team at Commio march with that same belief when delivering communication services. I recommend reading Elon’s book called The Life, Lessons & Rules For Success

Dogs or cats?

Dogs – they are man’s best friend. I had many dogs growing up. As an adult with a family, I have had two, both yorkies. I recently had one (Baxter) pass away, leaving us with Samson. Yes, Baxter was named after the dog in Anchorman.

How many kids do you have, and what makes each one unique? 

Justin's kidsI have two kids, a boy and a girl. Ellington my daughter is the oldest and Camden my son is the youngest. They have similar characteristics as they are both honor students, active in athletics and full steam competitive. I guess what separates their talents apart is that my daughter highly excels in arts (drawing, painting, etc.) and my son excels in every sport he plays.


Date posted: June 27, 2022

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