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Mark Speer

Providers Hang Up On the Latest Robocalls

By now, most of us are probably aware there are a variety of robocalls currently being generated regarding student loans. These suspected illegal calls are in violation of several telephone acts. As a member of the Industry Traceback Group, Commio is committed to keeping our customers informed. 

The Enforcement Bureau (Bureau) of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) directs all U.S.-based voice service providers to take immediate steps to effectively mitigate this suspected illegal robocall traffic, made by or on behalf of the following: 

  • Urth Access, LLC (Urth Access)
  • Fire Data LLC
  • US Acquisitions LLC
  • Dawood & Dawood
  • Dawood and Company
  • Their individual associates and associated entities—collectively, the Student Loan Robocall Operation 

If you encounter this traffic as a voice service provider, you may satisfy the above obligation by terminating any customer relationship(s) with the Student Loan Robocall Operation, and/or blocking all traffic from the Student Loan Robocall Operation and from Urth Access. If, after investigation of the suspected illegal robocall traffic identified above, a provider does NOT terminate these customer relationship(s) or block the traffic, they will be required to provide a written report to the Bureau with the results of their investigation.

Providers should also continue to demonstrate ongoing efforts to mitigate the traffic associated with the Student Loan Robocall Operation. Should they fail to comply with these obligations and take all necessary steps to avoid carrying suspected illegal robocall traffic made by or on behalf of these individuals and entities, they may be deemed to have knowingly and willfully engaged in transmitting unlawful robocalls.

At Commio, we feel it’s important to know our customers and be aware of the traffic they’re sending so that these types of calls are minimized, and ask that our customers who are also providers do the same. We appreciate your attention to this issue. Let’s all do our part to eliminate unwanted traffic!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Date posted: December 12, 2022

Topic: International   Outbound Voice  

Tags: Robocalls   STIR SHAKEN   VoIP   VoIP Fraud  

Mark Speer

As VP of Product Management & Carrier Relations, Mark ensures that thinQ’s products deliver maximum value and efficiency across a wide variety of implementations. When he’s not working with our carriers to make sure calls complete, he enjoys classic cars, traveling, artwork and exploring the desert southwest. He also enjoys spending time with his wife and family in Tucson, Arizona where they reside.

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