thinQ Ranks High on Innovation Index in Frost & Sullivan CPaaS RADAR® Report

Tim McLain

Competitive pricing, scalability, partner support, ability to deliver better voice and messaging (SMS/MMS) through its APIs and platform cited as key innovation factors.

Raleigh, NC, September 20 – thinQ by Commio, the leader in flexible, transparent, cost-effective voice and messaging communications in the cloud, scored high in the innovation index of the 2019 Frost RADAR® in the Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) Market for North America, an analysis of 12 providers’ competitive strengths and opportunities as assessed by research and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan.

Now available on Frost & Sullivan’s Online Store, the report’s description explains that, “CPaaS solutions are emerging from a wide range of  business communications vendors and communications service providers. The global CPaaS market is in a high growth stage, with many of the contenders reporting high annual double-digit growth.”

Placing thinQ in a strong position for innovation in the RADAR® for the Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) Market, Frost & Sullivan notes that, “By offering wholesale voice and messaging pricing, thinQ’s greatest strengths are cost savings, scale, and support for partners of all sizes.”

With both APIs and platform integrations available, thinQ is uniquely positioned to help businesses of all sizes and industries leverage its cloud communications solutions as part of their SIP trunking and Voice APIs, enabling the end point’s PBX (Phone Exchange System) to send and receive calls via the Internet (VoIP/SIP trunking). 

The company’s solution ensures that voice carriers, VoIP providers, and enterprise firms can fully control their phone number (DID) ordering and provisioning, as well as researching call quality issues without the need for opening help desk tickets. With the recent addition of DNS SRV and A Record support, thinQ offers dynamic recovery to mitigate outages, delivering superior up-time for the most demanding, high-volume partners.

The RADAR highlights the following additional strengths supplied by thinQ:

  • Through its APIs and platform, thinQ allows partners to take advantage of their Least Cost Routing (LCR) engine to migrate some or all of their traffic from competing CPaaS providers and carriers with minimal code changes.
  • thinQ’s platform constantly monitors 40 voice carriers, routing around problems, to ensure highly reliable voice calling services. 
  • thinQ’s unique technology can be leveraged with pure-play CPaaS providers (Twilio®, Nexmo®, Plivo®) allowing developers to code once across multiple services as they scale voice traffic to deliver savings of up to 50% on every call.
  • Partners can choose preferred voice carriers or simply allow thinQ to choose the lowest cost and highest quality routes for their voice traffic.
  • Users can assign custom routing parameters along with multiple dynamic failovers to mitigate downtime, unique capabilities not offered by thinQ’s competitors. 
  • Commio also offers inbound and outbound text messaging (SMS/MMS), leveraging similar resources for high-volume clients.

To request an excerpt from the Frost RADAR, click here.


“We’re excited to be recognized for our decade of effort in technology innovation, offering a proven application to drive the growth and evolution of the cloud communications industry as a whole,” said Aaron Leon, CEO, thinQ. “More than 1,200 partners use our solution today. It’s the most scalable, customizable, and intuitive cloud communications platform on the market.”

“When we tested our original carrier’s SIP offering, it was too rigid in terms of how we could re-route calls when they had issues,” said James Caas, IT Director at Morrisette Paper Company. “What I tell my peers is that thinQ is one of the best kept secrets in enterprise telecom. We get excellent support, better provisioning tools, superior capabilities to route our calls, it’s easy to use, and it saves us more than 80% in voice costs every month.”

“We originally were using Twilio and Plivo through their full Rest API integrations, but discovered that they’re very expensive,” said Richard Nolan, Co-Founder of TrackDrive. “Convenient, but expensive. As we started dialing outbound to buyers, we needed more upstreams and we didn’t want to write another switch or stand up another API in full. That’s when we found thinQ. What I was trying to do was find a way to get ahead of our competition as we scaled up. I knew we had to offer better pricing to our clients and lower costs. We found thinQ’s competitive pricing, and it’s worked out very well.”

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About the Frost Radar

The Frost Radar reveals the market positioning of companies in an industry using their Growth and Innovation scores as highlighted in the Frost Radar methodology. The document presents competitive profiles on each of the companies in the Frost Radar based on their strengths, opportunities, and a small discussion on their positioning. Frost & Sullivan analyzes hundreds of companies in the industry and benchmarks them across 10 criteria on the Frost Radar, where the leading companies in the industry are then positioned. Industry leaders on both the Growth and Innovation indices are recognized as best practice recipients.

About thinQ

Commio, founded in 2009, delivers flexible, transparent, and cost-effective voice and messaging communications in the cloud. Powered by our revolutionary Better Carrier Engine with Least Cost Routing (LCR), our technology delivers unmatched toll-free, domestic, and international call quality and savings for businesses that need better voice control at the best price. With access to 40 carriers for the smartest call routing, thinQ offers flexible routes, responsive support, and outage mitigation to deliver superior up-time. For more information, go to and follow us on Twitter @Commio_Platform.

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