Toll-free Number Messaging Verification is Now in!

Ashley Byrd

Commio is pleased to announce that you can now submit your toll-free numbers for messaging verification directly inside the Commio portal. Whether you have purchased your toll-free numbers with Commio or brought your own numbers for hosted messaging, you can access the verification form using “Click to Verify” next to your toll-free number.

Configure Numbers Page

Configure Numbers Page on

Hosted Numbers Page

Hosted Numbers Page on

When filling out the Toll-Free Verification Form, you’ll need to enter the details associated with the end business (i.e., the business the consumer is engaging with). It is important to fill out the form in substantial detail, so that you have the best chance of approval upon initial submission. Customers can access this article which covers best practices for submitting these verification details.

Toll-free Verification Form

Toll-free Verification Form on

Once you submit the verification form, the number and the related messaging campaign use case will go through a review process. After review, the verification status will be updated on the toll-free number and you can view that in our portal.

Starting February 8, the user who submits the form will also receive an email with the verification status update. And, we are adding the option to subscribe to a webhook to receive these updates automatically to an endpoint of your choosing.

We are excited to offer you this new functionality to help expedite your messaging needs.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your customer success specialist:

Phone: (919) 890-0000, option 1


Date posted: February 1, 2024

Topic: Messaging   Messaging API   Toll-Free Texting  


Ashley Byrd

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