Toll-Free Calling Made Easy With Self-Service Tools

Mark Speer

No more email or help desk tickets when you use an easy Web portal to order, provision, and manage your toll-free numbers.

As Bill Gates is fond of saying, “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” This saying, unfortunately, has largely gone unheard in the world of phone companies.

As Darin Ward wrote in his recent post, “Toll-Free Tools, Not Given So Freely,” over the last decade “…ordering toll-free services for our company began by sending our account representative an email. Like any other email, our toll-free orders were sometimes lost, misinterpreted, or even forgotten. Following order submission and a requisite elapsed timeframe, our next step was to beg our account reps for updates.”

“Frustrated by this, we nagged our various account reps for a better process,” Ward continued. “We asked: Could we submit our orders through a self-service portal so we don’t have to bother you? In case you didn’t pick up on it, that’s code for we want to skip you in this chain in hopes of improving response time.”

Today, far too many companies rely on calling or emailing sales reps to order, provision, and manage their toll-free numbers. While major carriers do, for the most part, offer access to self-service portals to make these tasks, they tend to be expensive and hidden away.

Thankfully, there is a better way. Managing toll-free is the last thing you need to worry about. thinQ by Commio’s self-service portal is just a click away, with no extra fees.

Toll-free number self-service portal

We’ve built a cloud solution that provides you with more control and performance, with features including:

– Easy toll-free number ordering, porting and provisioning, plus order tracking built-in
– Route your calls through five tier-1 carriers with custom routing parameters
– The industry’s only toll-free least cost routing engine (Toll-Free LCR) to save up to 70% on every call
– Disaster recovery technology to route around outages and deliver maximum uptime
– Granular call analytics that give you the tools you need to research call quality issues without sending an email or opening a help desk ticket
– 5-star customer support that’s here when you need it, every step of the way

As a RespOrg, Commio allows you to purchase a large selection of toll-free numbers directly from us, making your life easier. Porting and managing existing numbers is simple as well, and can be done directly in our self-service portal or with assistance from our talented onboarding team.

Special: Port your toll-free numbers to Commio for $0 in porting fees for a limited time.

Get better toll-free performance at the best value, and lock in the best rates with a commitment. Put your numbers on the world’s first Toll-Free Least Cost Routing platform, where you control routing over multiple high-quality carriers based on custom criteria–and save up to 70% on calls.

Plus, if you have 30 or more domestic DIDs in the U.S. or Canada to port, contact us today for other special incentives. Discounts apply to port-in fees. Monthly recurring charges (MRC) will apply. Contact us today to learn more.

Date posted: May 1, 2021

Topic: CPaaS   Inbound Voice   Toll-Free  

Tags: Intelligent Call Routing   Least Cost Routing  

Mark Speer

As VP of Product Management & Carrier Relations, Mark ensures that thinQ’s products deliver maximum value and efficiency across a wide variety of implementations. When he’s not working with our carriers to make sure calls complete, he enjoys classic cars, traveling, artwork and exploring the desert southwest. He also enjoys spending time with his wife and family in Tucson, Arizona where they reside.

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