Twilio Users: What You Don’t Know is Costing You Money

Tim McLain

Cloud communications platforms such as Twilio have been helping businesses deliver top-notch customer experiences, but when calls are costing you more than they should and you’re limited in your ability to manage these costs, is your business fully benefiting? Managing high-volume call costs is a common conundrum for businesses of all sizes.

Case in point: One of Commio’s partners is a Twilio user and CEO of a telemarketing software platform at a sales enablement company. He has a lead generation platform and a large partner base and is responsible for paying for the voice costs for all his partners.

He found that the voice costs, which can’t exceed 10% of his revenue, weren’t balanced for what he was paying per lead. However, Twilio, with its powerful communication capabilities and voice API was the most reasonable option for his business.

He enhanced it by adding multiple carriers and least cost routing to significantly reduce his cost of goods (COGs) by incorporating thinQ. He found a direct, quick, and easy way to use what they had built and create a scalable option as well as get carrier-grade pricing via our thinQ add-on.

If you’re a Twilio user who is looking for carrier flexibility that will increase cost savings on calls without sacrificing functionality, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be using thinQ to enhance your experience. We can work with what you’ve already got built-in and route your calls through carriers with the best prices.

Our cloud-based least cost routing (LCR) platform can be integrated seamlessly with Twilio Voice by only using a few lines of code, learn more here. And will not only reduce your calling costs but will also improve your voice calling performance and API feature set.

How Does Our Relationship Work?

The relationship between thinQ and Twilio is like chocolate and peanut butter – they go together so well and some argue that you can’t have one without the other. When you integrate the pair, it instantly gets you the flexibility and cost savings you were missing.

Businesses who are using developer platform Twilio for cloud communications that include voice, video, and messaging, may be pleasantly surprised to find that there’s an additional way to enhance their voice API feature set and save in the process. Using thinQ’s LCR technology, clients can supercharge their voice API and reduce costs by up to 30-50% with optimized outbound and inbound (per minute) call routing in real-time.

Furthermore, thinQ’s six-second rounding can save clients up to 75% on individual calls and increase performance further by offering reduced rates.

Why Businesses Have Chosen to Integrate Twilio & Commio

thinQ’s ability to integrate seamlessly – via its plug-in – with Twilio is the key for businesses looking for savings on calls. The customer above discovered savings of 50% per call by combining Twilio with thinQ, adding: “Compared to the option of going for a full SIP option with Twilio and having SIP server in our architecture, thinQ was a no-brainer from the ease standpoint.”

Twilio Users: Ready to Join Forces?

If you’re a Twilio user who is looking to have complete control of both your inbound and outbound traffic, it’s time to integrate thinQ. Our services will not only improve your performance but will also allow you to save money and benefit from optimized calling rates via various providers.

Read more than a dozen reviews of thinQ at G2 Crowd, then contact us to learn more. The thinQ team is here to help you scale and save, so you make the most out of Twilio’s communications platform.

Date posted: September 23, 2020

Topic: Inbound Voice   Intelligent Call Routing   Outbound Voice   Voice API  

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Tim McLain

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