Video: Cloud Comms Industry Briefing, February 2023 – All About Phone Numbers

Tim McLain

What’s new with phone numbers in 2023?

Why is it still such a hassle to get the right phone number, and why does it take so long to get it working?! Many communication professionals say phone numbers are their top issue—Watch our latest Industry Briefing above to ease the stress!

The good news is there are providers who make it easy, and this video will help you bust through the myths to get the numbers you need and get them working, FAST. Sam Shiffman and Katie Reddick cover:

  • What companies look for in phone numbers—the types and differences
  • The importance of your number source and who registers it
  • Why it’s so hard to acquire and activate the right numbers
  • Some providers have more numbers; what to do if your provider doesn’t
  • “Bad” numbers, and how to fix them (your provider can help!)
  • How messaging factors in—the value of SMS-enablement, and whether to use your voice provider for messaging (or not)

Here’s the secret: While phone numbers may all look the same, who you purchase them from makes all the difference. Watch the Briefing to find out why!

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Date posted: February 10, 2023

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