Video: Everything You Know about STIR/SHAKEN is Wrong!

Michael Tindall

Commio’s Michael Tindall has the regulatory update you need to ensure call compliance and stay out of trouble with the FCC!

Everyone thought call compliance was all about attestation…turns out, everyone was wrong. One of only 30 certified OpenSIPS professionals worldwide, Mike Tindall presented at OpenSIPS Summit last month, where the hot topic was spam, STIR/SHAKEN, regulatory updates on the horizon—and all the secrets to determining your company’s compliance! Watch Mike discuss:

  • Why getting an “A” means less than it did in grade school
  • How most providers have gotten STIR/SHAKEN attestation wrong, and how it’s really supposed to work
  • The hidden factors that affect your telecom reputation beyond STIR/SHAKEN
  • The data “mafia” and see how they rate your calls
  • How your choice of providers matters more than ever (know your carrier!)

Mike summarizes the conference, walks through his OpenSIPS presentation, and shares the top takeaways. Also, as promised in the webinar, here’s the list of helpful resources:

Watch now to avoid a call from the FCC!

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Date posted: June 14, 2023

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Michael Tindall

Michael Tindall leads Commio's product development and engineering teams. While attending Clemson University, Michael co-founded Tsoft Solutions, purchased by ClearSky Networks. Next he built and ran support for US Networks. Michael then worked for Bandwidth till he was approached by Aaron Leon to build a cloud-based routing system. The rest is history. Michael is a “40 under 40” winner, and one of only 18 OpenSIPS Certified professionals worldwide. When not coding the future of telecom, you’ll find him enjoying movies, cars, entertaining, and exercising.

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