Video: How to Juggle Phone Numbers in the Cloud

Tim McLain

How good are you at juggling?

Companies today have more phone numbers than ever before—sometimes tens of thousands, local or toll-free. They can enable them for texting or E911. They can move them from one provider to the next, or even juggle back and forth between them.

Juggling – like multi-tasking – isn’t a skill we’re proficient in. And most telecom providers fall short.

Fortunately, Commio’s Customer Success Director Katie Reddick is a seasoned pro; our API platform and her team help customers buy new phone numbers, port them between providers, and ensure they’re properly enabled and working by juggling them between providers every single day.

Watch now to see Katie walk through everything you need to know about numbers, such as:

  • Find and order the numbers (DIDs) you need fast, including bulk buys
  • Track and manage your numbers quickly and easily (without MS Excel!)
  • Ensure your numbers power calls from dial to delivery with our built-in inbound and outbound redundancy (only Commio has this!)
  • Enable phone numbers for SMS messaging (or not)
  • Get your toll-free numbers verified for messaging campaigns
  • Send texts through a new provider, without porting the numbers (hosted messaging)
  • Ensure paramedics can find your emergency via E911

Watch and learn number juggling from a pro; Katie’s been juggling numbers for over a decade!

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Date posted: February 1, 2024

Topic: Inbound Voice   Outbound Voice   Toll-Free Texting   Voice API  

Tags: Inbound Redundancy   Phone Numbers   Redundancy  

Tim McLain

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