Video: STIR/SHAKEN, and…Now What?!

Tim McLain

You may not have control over the FCC and caller compliance regulations, but Numeracle’s Molly Weis shows how you can be proactive
Molly Weis, Numeracle VP, Marketing & Communications

Molly Weis, Marketing VP, Numeracle

While the FCC is focused on STIR/SHAKEN and illegal calls, legitimate businesses pay the price with calls blocked or mislabeled as spam—resulting in fewer pickups, less than optimal customer experiences, and a hit to your bottom line. Watch now to hear Commio guest Molly Weis, Marketing VP at Numeracle, talk about mislabeled calls and outline your options to ensure correct caller identity display.

Listen in as Molly Weis explains:

  • What the labels mean (Scam! Spam Likely! Potential Spam! Fraud!), and how they’re determined
  • Your STIR/SHAKEN attestation is “A”—and your calls can still be mislabeled
  • How to appeal a spam label
  • How to know if you’re being mislabeled or blocked, and how often
  • How “Know your customer” applies to call verification, and how does it works
  • Dealing with new numbers already labeled spam
  • Branding calls with your company name

Additionally, we promised in the webinar to share some dialing strategies, courtesy of Numeracle:

  1. Dialing strategies should be respectful and consistent
  2. Consider the time of day you’re calling
  3. Let your numbers rest between the maximum attempts
  4. Don’t originate all outbound traffic from one number
  5. Ensure your dialing practices are compliance with the FCC
  6. Identity should be consistent in call display and voicemail
  7. Set the threshold for abandonment to 2% or less on your autodialer, if possible
  8. Be careful when using recycled phone numbers

In particular, note new FCC robocalling restrictions for nonprofit and political organizations, effective July 20.

If your calls are being labeled spam or even blocked—or you’ve noticed a troubling drop in answered calls, watch now!

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Date posted: July 5, 2023

Topic: Outbound   Outbound Voice  

Tags: FCC Regulations   Spam   STIR SHAKEN  

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