Video: 6 Tips to Maximize Text Messaging Results in 2022

Scott Navratil

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6 Tips to Maximize Text Messaging Results in 2022

As 2022 arrives, how can you power maximum conversions from your text campaigns? Which sending formats are the best for your unique use case? And who can you trust to deliver more messages and power maximum results for your business?   

Text messaging is the best way to reach people, with a majority of recipients not just opening but reading and responding to your messages within three minutes. Nothing compares to the conversion opportunities offered by modern SMS/MMS solutions. 

When it comes to incorporating texts into your SaaS platform or sending opt-in marketing campaigns, though, it starts to get a little complicated, with numerous formats for sending messages, dozens of confusing acronyms to decipher, not to mention a slate of new rules and requirements, plus big financial penalties (yikes!) to avoid. 

Watch Commio messaging Vice President Scott Navratil and Marketing Director Tim McLain walk you through the entire process, start to finish—from messaging campaign planning, new registration requirements, to tracking conversions and more. You’ll learn how to adapt to this year’s long list of trends and changes to:

  • Create your messaging opt-in list
  • Define your text campaign goals
  • Know which words, text, and links you can and can’t include
  • Choose the right format
  • Select the ideal way to send your messages
  • Measure your efforts to improve your conversion rate in 2022 and beyond


Date posted: December 1, 2021

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Scott Navratil

Scott, a member of our Commio team, has held executive management positions at several top IP communications companies and was named one of Colorado Business Magazine’s most powerful salespeople. He is a regular speaker at national telecom events. Scott holds a B.A. in Meteorology from the University of Northern Colorado. Scott primarily enjoys spending time with his family in Colorado and also enjoys skiing, snowboarding, racing motorcycles, and astronomy.

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