What is an API?

Evin Hunt

How many times in the last day, or even in the last week, have you spoken a question into your phone and asked for an answer? You may have been looking for a driving route or needed pricing on a product. Whatever the reason, you rely on that kind of technology in order to get tasks big and small completed. But have you ever thought about the technology behind those tasks, and what makes it possible for you to ask your phone to give you detailed information on virtually any subject you need to find out more about?

That behind-the-scenes technology is called application programming interface, or API. API is not a “want to have” for businesses; it’s a “must have.” The basic idea of API is that it enables two programs to talk to each other with zero disruption to the users. What does this look like and why do you need it? This graphic explains it.

What Is an API, and How Does It Work | thinQ Infographic

Via Salesforce

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Date posted: June 17, 2021

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Evin Hunt

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