What is an SMS API?

Scott Navratil

Application programming interfaces (APIs) represent an exciting new way to engage in software development without having to actually develop a lot of software from scratch. It’s a new opportunity for firms to put tools to work that may previously have been unavailable. Understanding what an API is—along with its connection to short message services (SMS)—will allow users to best take advantage of APIs’ abilities.

What is an SMS API?

An SMS API is an API that’s specifically designed to work with SMS applications. Many APIs are intended for use with certain technologies and platforms, and an SMS API is no different in that sense. Think of an SMS API as a boxed set of instructions that can be carried out by any computer or device that uses them – particularly for SMS functions.

How is an SMS API Useful?

Large quantities of messages, safely. An SMS API can not only provide the root instructions required to send SMS messages in bulk, but it can also provide security for the sending. So for those who do a lot of text message marketing for example, it can be a great way to organize the campaign and actually run it.

An array of options. This also dovetails well for marketing efforts. SMS API systems can allow for messages to go out on a certain schedule, and they can even include elements of personalization for added impact for the recipient. This is especially useful for retailers who want to advertise a special event at a particular time and send texts accordingly.

Plays nice with current systems. APIs are designed specifically to be installed within a user’s current systems, which means the API can be readily added without having to extensively modify what’s already in place. Some modifications might be called for, but the API is specifically meant to work with what’s there.

Works with multiple languages. The right SMS API can work with a range of different languages – helping to ensure the widest possible range of use cases. Some will work as well with Python and Ruby as they would with Javascript and Go.

How to Get Help Putting an SMS API to Use

Commio’s SMS API will bring numerous advantages to your operation. If you need help putting one to work for you, just start by getting in touch with us at Commio. Our extensive background in voice API operations makes us a natural fit for SMS API integrations that go far beyond the free SMS API offerings. Reach out to us to get a 15-minute demo when you’re ready to get started.

Date posted: March 3, 2021

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