Video: Why Local Text Messaging Will Win the Midterms

Tim McLain

How to Sway Voters with SMS Campaigns in 2022 & Beyond

There’s probably no better case for “local” messaging than running for political office, but the questions are endless. “How do I register without an EIN?” “Do I qualify as a sole proprietor?” “What is Campaign Verify?” “Should I be a 527, a 501(c), or get a CV token – or all of the above?” “What will my throughput look like?” Even seasoned messaging platform providers are a little dazed and confused!

Spam is bad and we’re glad they’re putting some controls in place, but everyone who sends local long code (10DLC) campaigns knows they’ve gotten a little complicated – and political campaigns are the toughest! Fortunately, Commio’s messaging experts have the answers. Watch now as Scott Navratil, VP, Customer Retention & Expansion Sales, and Tim McLain, Marketing Director, explain:

  • Why long code is ideal for political campaigns
  • The Brand Registry vs. Campaign Verify
  • How to qualify for brand approvals
  • Campaign best practices and what you’ll need for approvals
  • How much you can send, by carrier
  • Bonus follow-up video: 19 hands-on political text messages that are winning the mid-terms

And, as promised in the webinar, here are several helpful links for anyone sending a political campaign:

Mid-terms are upon us…shift your messaging campaigns – and your political campaigns – into high gear. Watch now!

Date posted: July 29, 2022

Topic: 10DLC Long Code   Messaging  

Tags: elections   mid-terms   MMS   political messaging   politics   SMS  

Tim McLain

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