Call Routing Systems: Big Features, Big Benefits

Tim McLain

Call routing systems are utilities that send incoming calls to individual departments, agents, or queues based on predetermined parameters set by a business, such as time of day or call volume. There are varying levels of complexity in available routing engines and different types of call routing that businesses utilize to connect inbound callers with the appropriate parties.

Some Benefits of Call Routing Systems

The deployment of call routing systems carries numerous benefits: It can facilitate more efficient use of personnel, thus optimizing human resources. Routing ensures that calls are actually routed to available agents rather than going to voicemail or getting lost due to customer frustration. A routing system can optimize conversion rates by putting callers in touch with the proper experts; this also increases efficiency and customer experience. Due to market demand, solutions are now being offered that are affordable for smaller businesses. For decision-makers who know the potential value of each call, call routing is getting to be “standard equipment” among communications utilities.

The Ring-to Number Feature

With Ring-to Number management, businesses can effectively craft their marketing strategies through assigning specific 800 numbers to corresponding marketing campaigns. This offers increased efficiency, as well as a great deal more control over staffing and marketing objectives. Thanks to technology, this is not only easy to implement but extremely effective.

Time and Space

Utilizing call routing, businesses are able to put together platforms that are focused on calls that come in from specific geographic locations. This is particularly important not only for businesses that operate in different geographic locations but within different demographics as well. Based on their needs, businesses can route calls to different destinations (bilingual agents, technical experts, or general customer service, for example) predicated upon the time of day or week or location of the incoming call. This reduces lost calls and frustration while increasing flexibility and accessibility.

Data Integration and Increasing Efficiency

Integrating with customer relationship management (CRM) applications can serve to make collected data work for businesses. In the case of businesses with large call distribution channels, advanced reporting solutions can be utilized, which can analyze calls, calling patterns, and internal efficiency. The resulting data can be integrated into reports and communications to IT agents and sales personnel.

Enhanced User Experience

Personalization of the customer experience has become an integral aspect of business marketing strategies. Through customer support channels and online resources, businesses are able to focus on those particulars that make for more pleasant customer experience and convey a more accessible, attentive attitude on the part of the business. For the foreseeable future, calls will remain vital to business success. The empirical evidence shows that improving business efficiency in this area improves customer service and increases conversion rates.

Unlike other call routing solutions, thinQ gives you:

  • Instant access and control over the industry’s top carriers
  • Automated savings via thinQ Least Cost Routing (LCR)
  • Dynamic failover
  • Granular call data and analytics
  • Live support

To learn more about our call routing platform, contact us today.

Date posted: October 15, 2018

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