SIP Failover

Have plans in place for disaster recovery and business continuity for your SIP trunking services with Commio SIP failover.

SIP Failover Has You Covered in a Disaster

Need a backup plan in place for your session initiation protocol (SIP) trunking service in the event of a disaster, outage, or ISP downtime? Commio SIP failover will give you the call assurance that in the event of SIP trunk failure, there are plans in place for disaster recovery, resiliency, and business continuity for your SIP trunking service.

Our SIP trunk failover mechanisms can handle anything from the most simple to the most complex networks, so your VoIP calls stay up when it matters most. At Commio, we have the resources and expertise to handle SIP failover in any scenario. We’ll ensure that you have a cost-effective backup, and create a continuity and recovery plan that will keep your IP telephony active, no matter how complex your network. We pioneered toll-free and domestic intelligent call routing more than a decade ago! 

Whether the disaster is natural or man-made, we will keep your critical phone systems operational.

SIP Failover Mechanisms, Your Way

There are a number of different ways to handle SIP failover in order to keep your SIP trunking service operational:

Call Forwarding. This can be automatic or manual forwarding to another location.

Separate Trunks for Critical Services. For businesses that experience seasonality or variable call volume, trunks and SIP proxy servers can be purchased in separate groups for critical and non-critical functions.

Load Balancing. Our load balancers allows you to allocate calls to multiple SIP trunks and backup servers, so no single trunk is carrying 100% of the load of calls at any given moment.

PRI Lines. With this method, calls are automatically directed to PRI lines if the SIP call fails.

SIP Failover for Any Scenario

It’s important to keep in mind that major disasters aren’t the only causes of SIP trunk failure. Commio has a SIP failover method for you, whether you’re planning ahead for a natural disaster or for a failure of a single component involved in the call routing process.

We know how valuable Internet telephony is to your business, and we’re here to make sure your VoIP calls never drop.

We’re Committed to Stable SIP Services

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