Wholesale SIP

If you need to purchase lines in bulk for your business, wholesale SIP is the solution for you.

Wholesale SIP for Cost-Effective Phone Service

The majority of businesses are now using Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking, where the Internet is the means of connection to the telephone network.

If you need to purchase numbers (DIDs) or lines in bulk, a wholesale SIP service will give any business cost-effective consolidation of your local or long-distance service onto a circuit that provides dynamic bandwidth allocation.

With Commio as your multi-carrier SIP trunking solution, you’ll save up to 70% on every call thanks to our intuitive, flexible platform. Dynamic bandwidth allocation makes your service more simple and reliable. Get the high-quality, low-cost service you need to stay connected to your customers in today’s cloud-based business environment and switch from sessions to minutes to improve capacity and save money.

The Advantages of Wholesale SIP

With wholesale SIP trunking services, you can purchase and operate VoIP numbers and phone lines in bulk. Sending and receiving calls through the Internet offers you a number of advantages, including:

Cost Savings. When you converge your local and long distance service, the impact on your bottom line is instant and positive. Purchasing your numbers in bulk will help you save on costs and get connected faster and more effectively.

Save Time. Commio’s experts will deploy your solution quickly and effectively, saving you effort and time.

Simplified Communications. Having a single network connection simplifies your communications, creates efficiencies and leaves you with just one bill and point of contact for your voice service needs.

Scalability. Adding trunks as your business grows is a straightforward, fast process. Our Commio experts can install and turn up new trunks as needed on a remote basis, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Management Made Easy. Our user-friendly portal gives you a transparent picture of your services, so you always know the status of your lines and what you’re paying at any given moment.

Who Needs Wholesale SIP Trunks?

Businesses opt for wholesale SIP trunking for a variety of reasons. Commio will meet your needs if you need to purchase and manage lines and phone numbers in bulk, and don’t want to depend on an external contractor to deliver communications features.

You retain control of your PBX software and communications services, and can customize your integration to your unique requirements. You’ll also save money by moving away from sessions to minutes on a per-call basis for the long term, and get better than carrier-grade fraud protection with built-in disaster recovery and outage mitigation tools.

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