Video: So Many “Phone” Numbers! Types, Use Cases, & Sourcing

Tim McLain

So Many “Phone” Numbers!
Types, Use Cases, & Sourcing

In the “good ole days,” you had one phone number from one provider (generally Ma Bell or a relative) – and that was it. Fast forward to today, and a business of any size might have numerous “local” numbers, some of which might or might not be text enabled, a toll-free number or three (also possibly text enabled), and then perhaps several short codes.

The addition of cell phones and cloud communications opened the door not just to more numbers, but also more carriers, more providers, more channels, porting and hosting…how does one keep up?! Are all numbers created equal – or all providers? How do you know what you need for your specific use cases?

Watch above to hear Commio number experts Sam Shiffman, Chief Strategist, and Brian Ford, Sr. VP of Messaging, explain:

  • The various types of numbers and how they differ
  • The advantages and disadvantages of each
  • Where and how you can acquire them
  • The related telecom terminology

In today’s omnichannel world, your customers expect you to keep them informed in several different ways, and to be able to contact you through their preferred channel. Watch now to make sure your business has all the numbers it needs to power better customer experiences.

Second in a four-part series:

  • What’s in a Number – A History Behind the Scenes (Available on demand)
  • “Phone” Numbers: The Types, Use Cases, and Sourcing
  • Why Toll-Free Numbers are Special—And Awesome (Date TBD)
  • Wait—They’re Using MY Phone Number?! Securing Your Communications (Date TBD)

Date posted: March 3, 2022

Topic: 10DLC Long Code   Inbound Voice   Messaging   Outbound Voice   Short Code   Toll-Free  


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