Nice to Meet You! Rickea White, Customer Success Manager

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If you’ve called Commio for customer support recently, there’s a good chance you’ve had an opportunity to talk to Rickea White, our Customer Success Manager. Rickea has been at Commio for a little over a year; we caught up with her recently to get to know her.

Rickea White, Customer Success Manager

Rickea White, Customer Success Manager

What do you do at Commio?

My day-to-day responsibilities consist of creating accounts for our new customers, and adding new products to existing accounts. I communicate with customers via email and phone to help resolve any issues as quickly as possible. And, I help my team with any overflow related to porting numbers to and away from Commio. 

What do you think sets your team apart from similar jobs at other companies?

The overall morale and communication! The Customer Success team always knows what’s going on, we are notified if there are any changes, and we work together to make sure the job is done correctly. Customers are our number one priority.

What excites you about going to work in the morning?

I was a Special Education teacher for almost 5 years, working with 6th-11th graders who had learning disabilities, before I transitioned into tech here at Commio – so this is a very low stress position. 

I have had proper training here, so I have a flow of how to complete my tasks. If there is something I’m unsure of, there are written Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) and my director, Katie Reddick, who is ALWAYS willing to help. Even though we are all remote, we still talk to each other regularly about what’s going on with our customers, what we’re watching on Netflix, and what restaurant we all need to try! 

Christmas is my favorite holiday! Rickea with her close-knit family

Christmas is my favorite holiday! Rickea with her close-knit family

What do your customer interactions look like?

Customer interactions consist of emails to get products added, or questions answered. I also have a lot of phone conversations and/or Google Meet calls with customers to follow up or get clarity on anything that might not have been fully conveyed via email. 

What might a customer say about you and why?

I’m attentive, I reply back in a timely manner, and I’m friendly. If they mentioned something previously about their plans that weekend, I like to ask them how it went. 

Who inspires you the most on your team and why?

Katie Reddick! We have had a lot of different moving parts here, with constant product and industry updates, people moving around or sometimes moving on from Commio, and I know the workload here has significantly increased. But, I never, ever hear her complain. She has a “get-it-done” attitude I really admire.

What’s one item you want to own that you don’t?

Rickea’s first solo trip to the Big Apple! (New York City)

Rickea’s first solo trip to the Big Apple! (New York City)

A guitar! I played the flute in middle school / high school and I have a true love of music. I don’t currently own a flute but I’m pretty sure I remember a few notes. Owning and learning how to play the guitar is a bucket list item of mine. I prefer to listen to Rhythm & Blues (R&B). My favorite artists are Blxst, Jhene Aiko, Ari Lennox and Tems. 

If you could do some other job, what would it be and why?

I would be a celebrity fashion stylist. I LOVE clothes – how they move, how different silhouettes look on different people, seeing the difference in someone’s demeanor when they like what they are wearing and the confidence that peaks through. I believe that if you look good you feel good! I style locally now with my styling company RickeaShonte, providing closet revamps, 1-1 shopping trips, and virtual consulting for weddings, birthdays, and other special events. I would love to do that at a higher level someday.

Date posted: January 9, 2023

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