Webinar: How Toll-Free LCR Benefits Contact Centers

Michael Tindall

October 6, 2018, RALEIGH: Despite the industry’s recent focus on IVR, chatbots, social media, etc.—the average consumer still prefers authentic, human-to-human voice support. In fact, voice still accounts for roughly 50% of all contact center interactions. This can lead to staggering Toll-Free costs, with companies often having little to no control over their carriers, pricing, or routing. Fortunately, we have built a better way for companies to manage their Toll-Free calling.

Take Advantage of the World’s First Toll-Free LCR

Michael Tindall, President and Co-Founder of thinQ (now Commio), teamed up with CRMXchange to deliver a webinar demonstrating how our revolutionary Toll-Free Least Cost Routing platform gives call centers:

  • A multiple carrier network for better call quality, control and customization
  • Automated savings with thinQ’s intelligent Toll-Free LCR engine
  • Disaster recovery in the event of a potentially embarrassing carrier outage
  • A cloud-based platform for real-time, intuitive routing adjustments
  • Live technical support to ensure hassle-free integration and troubleshooting

With no setup or operational fees, taking advantage of thinQ’s Toll-Free LCR could not be easier. We manage multiple carrier rate negotiations and interops for you.

How Toll-Free LCR Benefits Contact Centers [Webinar]

Watch the webinar in full below to learn more about how we built this award-winning technology, and how having a multiple-carrier solution for Toll-Free can not only drastically reduce your expenses, but also ensure that you are able to mitigate disaster in the event of a carrier outage:


  • 0:00 – Introduction and background
  • 5:46 – Call center trends
  • 10:28 – How Toll-Free LCR works
  • 15:38 – How disaster recovery works
  • 18:30 – Platform demo
  • 24:50 – Advantages of using Toll-Free LCR
  • 26:50 – Getting Started with thinQ
  • 28:25 – Q&A

Get Started

If you want to start taking control of your Toll-Free calling, schedule a live demo with one of our cloud experts. We look forward to hearing from you!

Date posted: October 6, 2018

Topic: Intelligent Call Routing   Outbound   Toll-Free   Toll-Free  

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Michael Tindall

Michael Tindall leads Commio's product development and engineering teams. While attending Clemson University, Michael co-founded Tsoft Solutions, purchased by ClearSky Networks. Next he built and ran support for US Networks. Michael then worked for Bandwidth till he was approached by Aaron Leon to build a cloud-based routing system. The rest is history. Michael is a “40 under 40” winner, and one of only 18 OpenSIPS Certified professionals worldwide. When not coding the future of telecom, you’ll find him enjoying movies, cars, entertaining, and exercising.

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